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Saturday, March 12, 2016

I Know You Don't Mean_____ but first, THINK!

     Where to begin? Safe be that I won't finish all the thoughts on the matter here.

Started out my day on Twitter a couple of days ago.  Saw this, "7 Rules For Avoiding All Male Panels".  
If I had my druthers, men and women would read Tin's Geber's post on Male Privilege, until it sinks in. 

Make sure you check out that Bingo card. 
Zara Rahman's post about Hedy Lamarr
Then I came to this post on The Guardian by Melissa Locker, "Congrats You Have An All Male Panel."

Realize, that it's not just panels, where it's all male.

Consider my point of view:

I turn on TV, and most likely I'll end up on a news site, or a comedy channel.   

Just for the weekend, look around at media, movies, TV shows, politics, and consider how many are really representative of the population.  News show hosts; comedy show hosts; your local news at whatever time. 

If you're not a feminist, or don't believe that we live in an extremely sexist country for as enlightened as it claims to be; I implore you; stay with me for a moment.

When you first hear the notion of sexism or gender inequality, you may roll your eyes.  Even if you're a woman.  It strikes you as, on the list of the problems we encounter on a daily basis, it ranks low.
Then you start to look around.  You may read something about sexism, and then you think about it.  Then you start to see its prevalence.  And you start to realize that quite possibly, some of the problems in the world might be due to sexism. 

This is not about politics or politicians although it does influence them.

I know that after reading this there will be some that will ask, "What if the best are the men for a panel, group, etc?" It's possible.  If your quest is to find out which condom is most comfy, I'll grant you, no woman should be in that group.  But if the knowledge you seek or offer, affects the entire population, you best have a representative sample, or panel.   

Or you're not getting the entire picture. 

Right now, Google, "Are women..." and look at what your first option is as soon as you type the "m".

Still want to tell me that we don't live in a sexist country?

Do you live in America?

Again, I share Soraya Chemaly's insightful TED TALK:

This is a stray from my politics as of late.  I just feel if things are to improve for all, this is one area where we can work on. 

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