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Thursday, April 14, 2016


From Google search for "photo of Hillary and Bernie"

      Couldn't resist mate.  Did a search for "photo of Hillary and Bernie" to be the photo for this post, and could not resist this one.  All the rest were less imaginative.  
     Tonight on CNN will possibly be, the last debate between the Democratic candidates.  There is one more I think that's slated for May, but I think it hinges on how ratings for tonight's debate are, along with a few other aspects. 
     While I will tune in from time to time, former engagements prevent me from making an evening of it. 
     Besides, I've already voted, so the next time I vote will be November 8, 2016.  Rest assure, it will be for the Democratic nominee, pictured above. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯    

     Since I've already voted, any advice for me is pretty much moot. 
     However, as I've stated many times, I would like to feel good about both candidates, so I continue to pay attention with hope that something will be revealed, that I previously did not know.  Mainly about Sanders. 
     I confess, at times I have gotten snarky.  I'm human. 
I just get frustrated at the many times that a I've asked why someone is feeling the "Bern" and their only reply is something negative about Hillary. THAT does not tell me anything about Bernie. 
     The only time that I received the type of answer that I sought, was from a man who believed that our last great president was Jimmy Carter.  I admire President Carter.  A lot.  Not sure I'd describe him the same way, but that's another post. The man didn't give me anything concrete really about Sanders, just that he felt that Sanders was someone that he's been awaiting for a long time. Suggested that I attend a rally for Bernie and then I would understand.  That it was more like a rock concert than a political rally. <Sigh>.  I love the Rolling Stones, for the record, but don't want Mick at the helm of the country.  To be fair, I'd pass on any musical show, a 
Commander in Chief put on.  
     Yes, I know, Bernie put out an album years ago. While I'm sure that adds to his charm for some, right now I just want to be assured that he is prepared to be the multitasking, lightning quick, sound decision making, broad shouldered diplomatic character that the highest office in the land demands. 
     I've been hearing about "free college for all", "Medicare for all", "evil millionaires", and "too big to fail', since last summer.  I've grown tired of the only thing new in his campaign being the change of surrogate, (Weaver, Devine, Sarandon, Killer Mike, Dawson, Song,) bad mouthing Clinton, making the rounds on all the shows.  Not gonna go off right now about what used to be the responsibility of the press to present all the news; and all with an with an objective non leading view.  But how many spots, did Jeff Weaver have in the last few days?  He's the campaign manager, right?  Is there nothing else for him to do in the 24 hours a day, in managing a presidential campaign other than getting his 15 minutes of fame?  I honestly don't remember seeing one interview with Robby Mook as of yet.  That's fine.  I assume he has other things to do. 
     Now there's the intro from Dr. Song last night.  If you haven't heard, he wasn't referring to Secretary Clinton when he said "Democratic whore,"(oh whoo); he was referring to some members of Congress.  
     Huh.  Hope none of those members of Congress were any of the Super Delegates the Sanders campaign's planning on wooing to their side.  Am I the only that thinks they need to change tactics, if this is their plan?
     Then yesterday was the Daily News endorsement of Sec. Clinton.  As the endorsement shouldn't have been a surprise, neither should the fact that yesterday I shared the good news.  Did surprise me that the post and I were booted from the community.  A community with "women" as their focus.  Temporarily.  I'm back in today.  We'll see.  
    Have to admit to rolling my eyes at Mrs. Sanders thought that the interview was like an inquisition.  I mean he's asking for our votes to make him President of the United States of America.  Again, I got irritated last fall when I read that he did not like answering personal questions.  That's not what affects the American people was his answer.  Yes.  And NO.
     Not only do we have the right to question our presidents, we have the responsibility*.  
     To know their judgement, on personal decisions may enable us with clues on what may serve as motivation, for decisions that affect us. 
     It's not imperative that I agree with every decision that Sanders has ever made. But if we're enabled to look behind the curtain, it may grant some understanding of the reasoning at the helm. 
    Most of us won't ever know a president or most any other politician for that matter, personally.   However, the more dots we can connect, the better. 
     I wouldn't mind hearing about each candidate's plan to bring about gender equality.   And how to ensure Roe vs. Wade is never overturned.  And the plan for reopening Planned Parenthoods.  Just because they're liberal, progressives doesn't mean they have the same plans on these topics any more so than world affairs or economic policy. 

     So, enjoy the night, and relish in the opportunity to connect another dot or two. 

*This is an approximate quote from Michael J. Fox's character Lewis Rothschild from the movie The American President
Just because it's a movie quote doesn't mean it's not true.

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