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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Got Potential?

Congratulations to Secretary Clinton on winning New York!
     While browsing on Twitter today, I came across the above poster.
     Now, if you're rolling your eyes, go ahead and go, because the rest of this post will not interest you.  It doesn't concern you. (Well...)  Other than if the potential get released and realized you will benefit.  No matter, I get it, you'd rather read something that's more whatever, so, ta-ta for now.
     If I piqued your interest, here's what I'm thinking.

First, a little from my backstory.
    For the last few years, I have been a stay at home mom.  Now, there are a number of reasons for that.  I graduated from college, and as many do, ended up in a field different from what I spent four years studying.  At one point, it was a great career.  Good salary, great benefits, and a great combination of high paced, social and creative environment that gave me a high level of job satisfaction.  Then I had a child.  Two weeks later my mom was diagnosed with terminal leukemia.  From there my parents' health rapidly deteriorated.  Being an only child myself, it made more sense to care for my parents and manage their affairs, while being with a newborn than returning to work.  The restaurant that I was with, was an independent, so despite the fact that I was the GM, had hired, and trained, the majority or the staff, and handled a good amount of other responsibilities, it was not the highest paying I'd ever had. Financially, it made way more sense to care for my newborn, and my parents, than to return to work and find and pay for daycare for my child, and private assistance for my parents.
     Over the course of the next 5 years, I traveled back and forth across the country, caring for newborn, while cooking, cleaning, and taking care of all legal, financial, and health decisions for my parents.  I set up wills, funeral arrangements, cleaned and cleared out our house of 30 years, getting it sold before the market crashed.  Got my dad into a veteran hospital to get diagnosed then negotiated with doctors and lawyers, while finding a suitable nursing home that cared for dementia patients.  And I had another child.  
     Maybe there was another way; but I can't imagine what.  Even so, hindsight, is 20/20, so it's a moot point. 
     Then, I returned to the work force.  Every reason that I'd once enjoyed that career, was void from that job.  The industry had changed and so had I.  It was no longer a good fit.  For the long story, check out The Perks Of Being Fired.  Now, fours years later, I'm still writing, but I'm also not make any money.  
     We're not destitute.  We have savings, and somehow it always works out.  
     Still, I know of several moms that are in similar situations.  Lawyers, accountants, those who've worked in finance and marketing, and many other fields.  Who, for whatever reason, chose not to try and balance, work and life.  
     Frankly, in my case despite having a 20yrs of mgmt. and varied restaurant experience, I could not get a job that would pay for daycare, plus bring more money to our bottom line as a family.  To be fair, I have now been largely out of the field for a decade.  Also, on most days, I like being around my kids, more than I like being away from them.  In less than 10 years they'll be gone.  For the year that I was at my last job, it really never made sense; to work for a job that neither paid what I needed, nor fulfilled me in any other way.
     When you have one or- more than one child, you do the math.  You figure, if it doesn't make sense financially for you both to keep working, and growing in your career, it becomes necessary to make some compromises, cuts, and concessions. 
     To be fair, I know of men also, who've put their jobs, careers on hold, to care for young kids, because to work would scarcely pay for care of their kids.  And if you're unsure of the quality of the childcare, why even miss the growing years of the future generation?  This is not to come down on childcare/daycare.  I know of few other jobs, that should command an amount as caring for the future adults and putting up with sarcasm that is not of your blood.  
      A couple of years ago, I was on some site, where I was commenting about the decision of childcare/vs work decision that every couple goes through.  One man, commented, "Nobody made you have kids. Why should everyone cater to you?"  Oh good.  
     To answer- Well no; nobody made us have kids.  But really?  How do you think the human race goes on?
     Really, I could on, about that thought for quite some time.  For instance, what if Mary had told Gabriel, "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm good and want to keep my total independence, from men, children and the responsibility of the moral wellfare of the human race."  Where would we be?  Obviously, that's for another day. 
    Back to my original idea.  To utilize a work force of seasoned professionals.  People who are educated, and energized and invigorated to get back to the paying professional world.  
     As we look to improve our infrastructure, who would be better to help train, recruit, and implement plans from the hip, than those who've raised and dealt with the Gremlin like characters that come during the formative years of the next generation of adults?
     Who better to generate enthusiasm among some jaded millenials than former Scout Leaders or those who've volunteered countless hours with 20+ future adults, at a time, who otherwise would be content with anything gross and funny?  Nothing wrong with that, but trying to coordinate a plan amongst such individuals is like herding cats.  Yet these bitches get it done! 

     Oh, and did I mention that many come with a wicked sense of humor?  Yet they effortlessly exude grace and compassion 24/7.  

     I mean, what fields couldn't benefit from a little more compassion, humor, impromptu problem solving, lightning fast decision making; and good ol' all around multitasking?  


If you think I'm on to something, let me know... 

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