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Monday, May 9, 2016

Money, How It Affects Us.

     This is just one more thought for the day.

Consider how as a kid, the amount of money your family has affects your life.  Depending on the amount, and the prevailing parents' attitudes, can greatly affect the child's outlook for their life. 

With the three remaining candidates, consider how money affected them and their lives.
Donald J. Trump was born into money.

Hillary Clinton, grew up in a middle class family.

Bernie Sanders, grew up in a family where money was tight. 

Money affects people.  There's no doubt about it.  As does lack of money.  
     It's easy to see that if one grew up where everything was always at their fingertips, if the term hand-me-downs was never part of their childhood vocabulary, but net worth was; they may be oblivious to the reality of the average Joe Schmoe; not to mention the average Josephine's reality. 
     To the other extreme, where lack of money was always a factor, to the point of causing palpable stress among the family, and some things had to be done without; it may lead one to regard those that have, with resentment.  
    Then there's the middle of the road.  Money is frequently discussed; as are budgets, choices, savings, loans, allowances.  Some times may be better, and some may be leaner.  Money is a factor, but not the factor.  
    Depending on what you are born into, it can greatly affect you.  It's how you come to view the world, its opportunities and how it all relates.  It pervades your disposition.  May lead to obliviousness, anger, resentment, frivolousness, or a sense of calm.
     Money comes and goes.  But it seldom does so without leaving a mark. 
     Years ago, there was an Archie Cartoon that featured Veronica's wealthy dad, Mr. Lodge, telling Archie and Jughead, 
"Boys, money isn't everything."
Jughead's reply to Archie:
"And only someone with a lot of it 
can afford to say something so stupid."
Or as the comedian Dan Tosh once put it, "People say money doesn't buy happiness.  Do you live in America?"

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