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Sunday, May 21, 2023

To The Class of 2023!

       I wrote this in 1986 when I was graduating high school.  I don't think I finished it till the summer, so I don't think I had the opportunity to share it with many friends.  I loved high school during the last semester; and I remember being sad, about leaving and nervous about starting the next chapter of life.  The uncertainty of what would happen when close friends who had seen me through so much, scattered.  I am blessed to be able to say that I am still in touch with many of them.
      As graduation rolls around again, I thought I would share it here on Sadie's.  Hope you enjoy.

The Graduation Poem

The friendship we share today is true,
Though tomorrow is whose to say;
When we leave this little town of ours
And go our separate ways.
Both tears and laughter we have shared
Yet we have many songs left to sing
But when it's over and we say goodbye
I wish for you these things: 
To see the wonder of the sunrise
Have your heart beat the rhythm of the rain
To have a day that brings to you
Tears of joy not pain.
To see the twinkle in the stars at night
And the glitter of the morning dew.
To feel the happiness of being the child
That will always be inside of you.
To find the freedom to be yourself
To snooze beneath the shade of trees,
With only the whistling of the birds above
And the gentle whisper of a summer's breeze.
To feel the magic of a moonlit sky
To find a lover in a friend
And to find your happiness along the way
And just not at the rainbow's end.

- S. Lowe 1986
Happy Graduation to the Class of 2023!
 Wishing you every happiness as you embark on the next chapter.  
May your future be bright!

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