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Friday, November 25, 2016

Thankful and Looking Ahead With Hope.

Happy Thanksgiving. 

Three of the 64 million ENTHUSIASTIC majority! 

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was happy, safe, and everyone made it through the anticipated political discussions with family, with only a little more understanding of each other.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I run this post every year.  This will be followed by a longer post in a few days.  For now, have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

The above photo was taken during a night of commiserating and brainstorming for the future.  The women with me, are close friends of many years.  Thankful for the many laughs we share, without I'd go nuts.  By the way, the T-shirts are now $25.  

What I'm thankful for... by no means conclusive... which I'm also thankful for; that this list is ever growing.

My family, past, present & future; my friends, past present & future; my jobs that have added countless good times, and friends including the love of my life! Please know there is no order to these! I am also so incredibly thankful to have one of my dearest friends of 30+ years; who, when I was venting about the woe of losing a job, told me to get off my butt, and start writing!  Since creating and starting Sadie's Gathering, I have had amazing online connections with people from around the world, whom otherwise we'd never have had our paths cross!

I wish for all, joy, compassion, understanding and love.


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