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Friday, June 23, 2017

Why Shouldn't I Be Mad As Hell?

Right now as a I write, I plan to keep this short and to the point.

We'll see.

So in an effort to express all in one rambling ... uh... paragraph....
     So, here we are, in June of 2017 with President Trump.  By most accounts, even if the person does not agree with the man, I'm told by most to be respectful of President Trump.  Even though, I've known about Donald Trump and his antics since the 80's. I'm supposed to refrain from profanity, even though I've heard Trump in public rallies, use the "F" word.  I've heard him call women names, and refer to them more as property or show pieces more so than people.  
    I'm told to be respectful, because like it or not, regardless if I voted for him or not, we elected him president.  But by my counting, no we didn't.   Hillary Rodham Clinton got 3 million more votes than he did.  With every week that goes by, we hear more evidence how Russia messed with our media, and our election.  Even without their help, gerrymandering came into play, in many states.  And then, the crown jewel of the Antique Roadshow, the Electoral College, accepted the gerrymandered Russia festered results, and going against the reason for their creation, said, "YUP" (cue Goofy image) and appointed, an inexperienced, apathetic, oblivious, misogynistic, hot head to the Oval Office.  The impression that he's suffering from some type of dementia, doesn't calm my concern
     He has yet to reveal taxes, nor has he complied with the Emoluments Clause.  He had how many legal/civil/actions against him? Long before he took office. That's been an ongoing reality for Donald, as long as I've known about Donald. 
      He lies.  He rarely speaks in complete sentences without repeating at least one phrase or another.  I've yet to see one rally, interview, conference, where he doesn't verbally request a pat on his back. (Realize I could've expressed that in quite other terms)
     And even though he's more than likely broken the law, unlike Richard Nixon, I'm not encouraged, that it will amount to squat- because the clusterfuxofamess that is Donald Trump, has provided an amazing Trojan Horse distraction for  Republicans-whether it's Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz... THEY WILL NEVER PUT COUNTRY OVER PARTY.  But all any of them have to do, is claim to be 'suspicious of Trump's motives' or hesitant about some decision, AND THEY'RE CREDITED WITH HAVING A BACKBONE. 

     So despite getting the presidency with less than the majority of votes, by less than scrupulous means; despite disregarding rules that every other president has adhered to; despite most likely obstructing justice- whether by nefarious or plum stupid intentions- THERE IS STILL THE OVERWHELMING CONSENSUS THAT HE'LL BE THERE FOR THE ENTIRE 4 YEARS! POSSIBLY EVEN 8!

     The fact that I listen to that "liberal media"- and it's a liberal journalist who glibly states that Trump will manage to make it through- despite the Cracker Jack administration and tactics... 


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