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Tuesday, August 1, 2017


     Well, here we are August of 2017.

     I haven't been writing as much on Sadie's due to a job, family fun, other writing projects, and the sheer exhaustion, from trying to wrap my brain around the chaos the White House spits out on a nearly hourly basis since January 20th, of this year. 

     Still, I have a few posts that will be up relatively soon, including a follow up to "Do We Have the Ovaries..." .

     Today's post is in response to a link  I saw on Twitter this morning: 

     Now, I don't know how factual this is, or just the opinion of a few...  

     What I do know is this:  THE SOONER WE CAN RETURN FROM CUCKOO LAND, the better.

     The Democratic party has many possible talented individuals, that may step up to the plate for the next presidential election.  Senator Sanders is not one of those.  For starters, he's back to not being a Democrat in the first place.  Still, I would like to know his intentions LOUD AND CLEAR, for the next few years.  After all, with everything going on, the next presidential election could come sooner than 2020. 

     Therefore, if we want to return from cuckoo land; the Democrats as well as the Republicans, should have their next hopefuls primed and ready to campaign, SOONER THAN LATER. 

     Time for Sanders to put his ego aside, and make clear, his intentions.  As to why I never, and still don't, Feel the Bern, please check out these two posts that I wrote in February and April of 2016: 

It's time for him to care. 

     This is not about what candidates you and I would like to see; this is about what candidates will fight and do whatever it takes to win the popular vote, and the antique Electoral College's delegates; amidst what will likely include repeated outside orchestrations and efforts. 

    Much will need to happen quickly.  

Let's keep our eyes on a better tomorrow for all.

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