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Sunday, July 8, 2018

In A World... Not So Far Away...

...actually, right here on Earth.

     For those of you reading, who live on Earth, the following may be of interest.  

     Please keep in mind, these are numbers that have been gathered by women and men who have chosen as their jobs, jobs where these numbers are taken from.  In other words, I trust scientists and other fields that consist of people living today, studying and researching, things that I do not study and research during my given 24 hours a day. 

    In a nutshell, I trust people who are living today, crunching numbers, more so than I trust, scientists from one hundred years ago.  For those who did not choose to study findings, who are gone, well... 

    I trust people who study and report today, based on what they find with the measure of the planet's circumstance, and people who manage to count people. 

So, for the numbers:

     The livable land mass of the planet is 24,642,757 square miles. Roughly 25 million square miles. 

     The current population is 7,424,000,000. Or, 7.4 billion people. 

     So, that leaves each person .003 part of a square mile. Or if you prefer acres- with 640 acres in a mile, (208x208 feet in a square acre) each person gets 400x400 feet.

     Doesn't seem that tight, unless you live somewhere that has big ass houses.

      Point is, just using that thought process, that used to be common, (aka common sense) is it that big of a stretch to think that naturally, we impact, affect the planet?

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