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Sunday, April 7, 2019


So here we are again....

Despite the fact that the world has been turned upside down, and there sits in the Oval Office a white man who never held office prior, does not understand most anything, and is allowed to remain... 

We are back to an approaching primary season.  And yet again, there are thoughts about Joe. 

Despite he's run twice before, and then dropped out.  Now the reasons he dropped out before, as in 1987,  would probably not matter to those who aren't familiar with Joe's life before he was a VP. 
Especially when you consider all that we know about Trump. 

So this brings me to QUESTION #1:  Since we have a so called president, who's a misogynist, with no prior experience, and has lowered the bar so much... Is that the reason that so many Democrats are entering the race?  

So far, I think, there are 17.  

Just as with the Republican Party in 2015 when it came down to 18 candidates, and there was the big kids table, and the little kids table...

QUESTION #2- Did the Democrats not learn anything from that many in the primary?  Hope it goes better this time, and the phrase clown car does not come. 

QUESTION #3- An ad on MSNBC at the moment has Mika asking, "Which candidate can beat Donald Trump?"  IS THAT WITH OR WITHOUT HELP FROM RUSSIA?  

Don't believe that Russia was a factor?  Okay then, simply:  When some reporter asks which candidate can beat Trump? I still have to ask, is that with or without gerrymandering, or other low blow antics, aka "Ratfucking"    

Because as in Jack Sparrow's thoughts, if playing fair, doesn't guarantee that you win the presidency; THAT'S NOT MUCH INCENTIVE TO FIGHT FAIR. 

Democrats have a nasty habit of taking the high road, and kicking off any members of their team that don't follow suit, 24/7.  Then are shocked when Republicans endorse, a creep, who gives what the Republicans who claim to be the party of family values, what they want.  

If Democrats win, more people win; but if they're not willing to go against the book, to win at all costs... those people lose. 


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