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Sunday, December 3, 2023

From 40 Years Ago! My Remake of "'Twas The Night Before Christmas"!!!


All those years ago...😉

I wrote this in the spring of 1983-9th grade, last year of Jackson Junior High; aka Freshman Year, when I was 15.  I was a Pin Pal~ supporter for the Generals Wrestling Team of  1982-1983, Jackson Jr. High, in Vienna, WV. 

I just recently found this in a box with lots of letters, photos, and other fun items of the past.  Brings back great memories, that make me smile and laugh.

Hope it does the same for you!


                                                                                             By: Susan Lowe

’Twas the day of the tournaments

When all through the school

The students were psyched

For their wrestlers were cool.

The wrestlers were trained

By Coach Rexroad with care

And they knew that tonight

They’d have nothing to fear. 

The wrestlers they sat

In the classes they dread

While visions of victory

Danced in their head. 

When over the intercom 

There arose such a clatter

The teachers all jumped,

The papers all scattered.

“Attention all teachers

“and all students too,

“Tournaments tonight

“And we’re gonna need you!

“The Pin Pals will be there

“to cheer the guys through-

“But we’ll need the school’s spirit

‘So you be there too.

“Beat Falcons, beat Eagles;

“Whip Bobcats and Wildcats;

“Pin Panthers, pin Devils

“And down Yellowjackets.

Then they heard the announcer say,

As it said with all might,

“Good luck to all wrestlers

“And to all a good fight.”

I read this on the intercom in Evelyne Moore’s office. Ms. Moore was a school counselor, and I was an assistant along with Kim Goodwin, Angie Emerick and Scott Adams. 

If you enjoy and donate even $1~ I'd be ever so grateful!  

As you can see, it's been over 40 years that I've been writing... 

Happy Holidays!!!

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