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     I began Sadie's Gathering for a few reasons.  

     First, I wanted to get back into the habit of writing everyday.  Once upon a time I graduated from college with a journalism degree, and a dream of being a famous copywriter.  I imagined that after a few years of that I would write an Oscar winning screenplay, and finish my career off with the Great American Novel.  While enjoying a lofty "retirement" of gallivanting around the globe with my family, I would manage to pen a few children's classics and possibly a memoir; depending on how juicy a life I had led up to that point.  

      Well, as the saying goes, "Life is what happens when you're making other plans."  Long story short;  I never worked in advertising; I worked in restaurants.  I have a wonderful family; have traveled quite a bit; and I write as often as I can, and do a little drawing as well.  So, we shall see what is the next step in my journey.  

     With Sadie's Gathering, I try to create a site that many people from many walks of life come to see what's up.  Reminiscent of a time when we had time to sit down and chat with the people we care about and shoot the breeze.  Maybe with coffee, lemonade, or a maybe even over a couple of adult beverages.  So pull up a chair, and come sit for a spell.

     I am a sap; I weep at corny commercials, kid's shows, and the like.  I tend to think, thus talk and write about a lot of  very different things; usually in the same time frame.  Some may think it's lack of focus.  I think it's because I am interested in a lot of things and like to share.  So, keep up Buttercup. While originally I did not envision Sadie's Gathering to be overly political or religious, now you know,  I am a strong Feminist, Democrat and yes, a Christian.  I am "liberal" on most issues, although I make "conservative" choices for myself, usually. I find that I don't define "liberal" and "conservative" the way some do.  

     Let me note here, that all the photos that you see on Sadie's Gathering are mine unless otherwise noted.  I probably will add a page with my photos in the near future.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy of one, or wish to use an image for any reason, please contact me at sadiesgathering@gmail.com.  

     Please stop by often, as I will post my opinion on many topics every few days.  If there is not a new post, check other areas such as "RECIPES", "GOOD READS" "WORDS OF WISDOM" and "PET PEEVES";  as on days that I don't post, I often add to those.

Update: As of right now, October 2018, I'm still working on a novel, a cookbook, and developing other story lines for a couple of other books.  Please know, The Sadie Project, continues, I would love to hear from YOU.  Please email me at sadiesgathering@gmail, with THE SADIE PROJECT, in the subject line. 

     And as ever, I will post on Sadie's as the mood strikes.  So be sure to stop by for a visit.  Greatly appreciate donations; even $1!
     Hope you enjoy your time at Sadie's Gathering.  Thank you for stopping by.

Susan Jaye

Founder & Creator of Sadie's Gathering

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