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New To Sadie's? How to Navigate.

      Hope this helps you get the most enjoyment out of Sadie's Gathering.
To the left of "New To Sadie's?", you see "Home" which takes you to the main page, with the most recent post.  I try to put up 3 new posts a week.  To the right you'll see, "Why You're Probably Here," a collection of posts that aren't Top 10, but still well worth the read.  Then there's "My Photos".  Self explanatory I believe.   If there's a photo you would like to use or obtain a copy of, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST, at sadiesgathering@gmail.com or at susielared@aol.com. In the future I'll try to get them available for purchase either through here or another site.

Over on the left there's a "Search This Blog" bar.  If you know of the title of a post, put it in and it hopefully will bring up the posts that have the inputted words.  Sometimes the "Search" works better than others.
Under that on the left, you'll see this fella:
Click on him 

Under that you'll see a list of all my gripes and irks:
Under that are "My Top 10".  These are my most read posts since starting Sadie's Gathering in January of 2013.  

Right now I'm working on comprising lists of posts based on themes.  Such as The Funnies, The Vents, Mommy Matters, and The Causes. 

Under the Top 10, you'll find:

Most of the cartoons that you see at Sadie's Gathering are drawn by my husband, Davis Jaye.  Click on his name to be taken to his online portfolio.

Next, The Inspiration, a photo of Mom and Grandma Sadie, that'll take you to a brief bit about them.

is moi; click on the photo and you'll be taken to my Backstory.

Finishing up the left side, is a list of what I love about the current or approaching season. 

Under that is, About My Cover, if you are curious about where the photo was taken.  While there, you can view my past covers.

Last on the left are my Dames & Knights; people who've joined Sadie's Gathering.

Now, over on the right, starting from the top, 
THERE IS NOW A Support Sadie's Gathering Button.  
At this time this is the only place on my site that you can contribute.  
Just click "Donate", and know that all contributions are greatly appreciated.  

Next, is where you can subscribe to Sadie's Gathering, so you never miss a thing.

Next, my Words of Wisdom

My never ending list of what I want to pass on to my lovely daughters, and bits that are always good to remind myself.

Then you'll see, the Tweet, the +1, link to Sadie's Gathering's 
Facebook Page, and the link so you can follow by email.

Next, the link to,
The Recipes.

 All of the recipes here are mine or handed down from my family, unless otherwise noted.

Then you'll see this friendly face:

         the link to my list of Curious Things
  These are quirky little things that haven't 
made it to pet peeve level, 
but still make me go "hmm".

Next is the Blog Archive, where you can pull up any month's posts.

Click on  The Bookshelf,
for my top recommended books of all time.  
Everything from crime, romance, smut, nonfiction, and children's.  
I will not list it here if I don't like it.   
Like most, if I don't like a book in the first chapter, 
I seldom will bother to finish it.  
If somehow it draws me in, and I don't like the ending, 
you'll see a post conveying my dismay.
As mentioned in prior posts, (Oh Please!, Is It Just Me?) I am forever seeking a good fun, summer smut read.  Please see the aforementioned posts for guidelines, but please, please, please email me with any suggestions!  It'll soon be Summer again! 

Coming to the end, you'll see a list of sites I visit, and highly recommend.

Last but not least, The Dames & Knights of Sadie's Gathering.  Otherwise known as, "Members".   I would love to have you join them!  All you need is a Google account which is free, and a few minutes of patience, if you're at all like me.  See: Technology Vs. Me.

If you would like to write to me to ask a question, request a topic, or any other reason,
please email me at:


I look forward to hearing from you.

Susan Jaye
Founder and Creator of
(I am now found at SadiesGathering.com!)

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