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This page will be subjects that I believe would make good Saturday Night Live sketches.  Maybe some day Lorne Michaels will stop by.  Any ol' hoo, these are fun to think about.
Adding new ones to the top from here on out.

Yep, it's 2018.  
     Been a bit... will add some new ones... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

*2017-There'll be new ones soon, but still would like to see:
*Remember the fur coat scene from Ghostbusters 2?  Well, since two of the 2016 Ghostbusters film are Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon; and since Donald has the hair that the Donald has...
that sketch just writes itself. 

These first ones were created in honor of the Nov. 7th show with presidential candidate Donald Trump:

Had to add a new one on 10/8/16-
~ My opinion of the hoopla about the 2005 Donald Trump video, the unendorsing (?) or the support slipping away... is that it's bullshit.  Oh, so now you're withdrawing your support?  Senator McCain, Donald disrespects him and the military, yet he still supports Trump; but something from 11 years ago?  Don't get me wrong, what Donald said to Billy Bush made my stomach turn; but there's so much slime when it comes to Donald it all points to the same.  So you gotta wonder WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR THE OTHERS TO WITHDRAW SUPPORT?  You know, Kellyanne Conway, Boris Epshteyn, and all the others that will be suing Donald a few months from now because they weren't paid.  Sketch could be Donald shnogging with Boris's wife; commenting on daughter of Kellyanne Conway; again, the possibilities are endless, as we've seen. 

New ones added as of 10/1/16 from Saturday Night Is On Its Way! 
*Donald's surrogates (lots of possibilities) Boris Epshteyn, Kellyanne Conway, Omarosa Manigault, Katrina Pierson, Kayleigh McEnany, Scottie Nell Hughes, Steve Cortes and Jeffrey Lord, portrayed by the talent of SNL, are watching the debate from a hotel room with a minibar.  First "20 minutes" are okay, but as the 90 minutes wears on, so too does the morale of the surrogates. Too many hilarious, scenarios to imagine. 
~The surrogates are playing "keep away" with Donald's phone.
or maybe...

~Is Ms. Conway the last Trump Campaign manager?  Somehow I kinda doubt it... there's potential there. 
 -Vanessa Bayer or Cecily Strong don a blond wig to portray Megyn Kelly vs. Donald Trump.  Endless potential.

*Battle of the Authors- Consider right now, the following candidates have new books out: Dr. Ben Carson; Marco Rubio; Mike Huckabee; Carly Fiorino; Jeb Bush; Ted Cruz; Rand Paul as well as Donald Trump.  Now, have a sketch where there is a celebrity/author/presidential candidate boxing match.  Proceeds go to... oh, I don't know.  Take your pick.  Literacy; restoring 42nd Street to the good ol' days; bringing honor and class back to the squirrels of Central Park.  Just boggles the mind to think of the possibilities.  Since Hillary Clinton had a book out within the last two years, include her.  And since Bernie has managed to crank out at least two books this year, get him in the ring.  Let's not forget fellow author and former presidential candidate, Scott Walker.  He'd be sure to give the match that certain je ne sais quoi factor.  Come on, if Donald can find the time to host, surely the others could find time for one little sketch.  And show me one of them, who wouldn't just love to take a swing at the Donald.  Especially in the name of charity.  If the candidates can't make it, SNL has the talent to make due.

*Cannot begin to tell you how sick and tired of Viagra commercials I am.  I see that they've employed different ethnicities for their spokeswoman.  Since I am all about equality, seems it's time to employ a man.  That's right, a man for a man's product.  I'm certain that this little problem affects men regardless of sexual orientation.  Think SNL would do this beyond justice.  Just the thought of having one of their male talents stroll gingerly along a beach after the sultry, whisper on a bed intro, "Fellas, you're all alone.  Just you and your fella..."  Another thought, "Ladies/Fellas, you're all alone, just you and your sugar daddy..."

*Since I've seen the Cialis and Viagra commercials countless times tonight, (courtesy of MSNBC and watching Blackhawks on WGN) thought this would make a good sketch.  Either the scenario depicted through this cartoon:
From, "Why 4 Hours?"

 *Like Ellen's great faux ad, but instead of the bed that she falls off; have the woman fall off the pier while she's strutting her stuff; or have the brush get caught in a tangle while she's brushing her hair.-

*A take on Ana and Christian from the 50 Shades series.  Shows them after 50 Shades Freed.  Does Christian load the dishwasher correctly?  When Christian starts to get "bossy", what used to turn Ana on, now causes her to suspect he's trying to get out of doing the mundane things she's asked him to do.  Hows about does either one get the "7 year itch"?  Maybe Christian is a little too nice now, and she gets the hots for the plumber?  Again, think there's lots of funny potential scenarios. 
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*With all the gizmos that have come out for the male organ, (Galactic Cap, C-Strings, SexFit, Google Glass Glance), think it could be an all time hilarious sketch.  Just my opinion.

*Facebook Movie complete with the saccharine music that shows the categories of "A Look Back" "You Joined In 200?" "Your First Moments"; "Your Most Liked Posts"; "Photos You've Shared"; for a person, who has been to jail, and gone through changes as extreme as believing they're an alien from Jupiter to a reincarnated "true" chameleon.  Don't forget the "Thumbs up sign"!  Thought of this when considering trying to do a movie for myself, then figured that Facebook would include a photo of something I don't want to remember, and thought best just to forget it.  Just to note, I have never been to jail.  In case you were wondering.

*Google Glass has a new app coming, Google Glance.  You can watch and record yourself having sex; from different angles.  Oh my; so many possibilities. Click "Google Glass's New App" to read my post on the latest gadget.

*New product idea from folks at Poo-Pourri- "Poo-Toons!" A mini-ipod-thingamajig- to complete that impression of using the loo- or rather not using the loo, along with the Poo-Pourri scents.  Have one of the outstanding talents of SNL be the "Dame in Blue Taffeta"- with a similar monologue about those tell tale sounds that happen while you're emptying those "cavernous bowels."  What's the point in smelling like roses, if you, your bum, or the water makes noises reminiscent of birthing a midsized mammal?  Sounds offered could include, (you must click on the links, then close your eyes, for full effect) "ocean waves", "trickling stream", barnyard animals, or hell, any animal. My favorite was the laughing dolphin.  I mean, imagine the thought going through a fellow public restroom guest's head, as they hear a whale song from the adjacent stall!  Again lots of hilarious possibilities here.  Your favorite artists available. The top of the line offered, is of course, PucciniHe's quite possibly rolling in his grave as I type this.
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*Martha Stewart's long lost or "black sheep" sister.... white trash, but very creative with a variety items.  Lots of possibilities I think.

*Parody of Caillou.  Been a few years since I've seen an episode, but ~ Caillou, his sister, Rosy, all the characters, and don't forget the saccharine sweet narrator. They did a brilliant parody on Dora the Explorer entitled Maraka and Mittens.  If you haven't seen it click to watch.

*Right now it's summer and I am seeing lots of toys promoted. However there are the "As Seen on TV" toys like Flashlight Friends, Seat Pets, Stuffies, and Tummy Stuffers, that you don't know what you get till you get it and may be more gimmicky than other toys.  They always say "great for all ages"... well imagine a college age kid, an adult, or an elderly person with a Flashlight Friend, Seat Pet (maybe a Bum Bud, for the tush) or a Stuffie-  great for hiding whatever you don't want your spouse or kids to see... different paraphernalia can fit!  

*On the same line as the "As Seen on TV" toys-  gimmicky toys that enable adults to carry things discreetly.  Think: Angelina Jolie's handy dandy purse from Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Held her dominatrix accessories and served as her transport down the side of the skyscraper.  Where can I get one of these?

*Chuck E. Cheese's How-to Video for the Say Cheese! App.(Sorry, video is no longer available.)  Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader would have done it phenomenally, but I know there's others that could do it justice as well.

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*A character who obviously has spent way too much time with social media, and can only answer with "Like" "Follow" "Fan" "Share" "Pin" "Link" and "Tweet".  When their exasperated friend (who longs for the conversation mode of yesteryear) asks if they would like to "Comment", the social media zombie friend answers, "Unlike".  Might make for a funny commercial spoof for something.  "Does your loved one or friend spend way too much time with the computer? Time to try the "Lightning Rod! Shock them back to sense!"  I can hear Jason Sudeikis doing this to a T- unfortunately, he has left SNL.
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