Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry if science, facts, and other people's choices messes with your faith.
Too many news stories and hopeful politicians  prompted this statement.

Perhaps I should be clear; this is not an apology of any sort.

I was raised with empathy and compassion.  Naturally I try to pass that on.   When someone shares that they're not feeling well, or they've run into a bit of bad luck, I will say, "I'm sorry." 

A common response I receive is, "Oh, it's not your fault."

Sometimes I assure them that I was not expressing guilt, just sympathy.  Sometimes, I don't clarify my intentions, perhaps conceding that I am in truth, that powerful and their misfortune was entirely a credit to my awesomeness.

Either way, my day continues on usually in the same manner that it was before the exchange.

I look at my faith and spirituality in the same way. Regardless of what someone tells me, it goes on.

So, keep the faith, or not, but I do hope you have a good day, and a pleasant tomorrow.

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