Friday, May 29, 2020


     A friend sent me this photo a week or so ago.  Think it's just a meme. 

That's okay, as I wrote a few years ago, in TODAY's TOYS: KIDS' DREAM; PARENTS' NIGHTMARE,  there are enough dolls in this house. 

For more funny memes, check this out MIGHTY SURVIVAL APRIL 20, 2020.

     So, when I first saw the Barbie doll, I thought, I don't need anymore dolls... but wouldn't mind finding that sweatshirt.

     Truth be told, I have enough sweatshirts too, but in case you're interested, there are several sites selling t-shirts and sweatshirts, with that idea in mind. 

      I'll try to do more posts in the future, but in the time being, have a great weekend, and as ever, go forth with gratitude and grace!

     Enjoy, wine o'clock, beer o'clock, pot o'clock... too... Just ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK!

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