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Saturday, January 19, 2013

National Popcorn Day

National Popcorn Day 1/19/2013

Well, I took a couple of days off of posting, but have added Words of Wisdom, and Liste des Bete NoirListe des bete noir is French for list of pet peeves.  I think French is a beautiful language, and it adds a tad of a certain je ne sais quoi, film noir quality, to the phrase "list of pet peeves"; forgive me if you find it to be my #1 peeve- pretentiousness

Both lists will be added to from time to time.  Feel free to contact me with your favorites.

This might be a good time to let you know what you can expect from Sadie's Gathering.

-I will try to post regularly, but starting out it will be only a couple times a week, while I try to figure everything out and get everything the way I want it.  In one of my first posts, I described my ideal.  If I find I am not going to be able to do it here, but will be able to do it somewhere else, I'll pack it all up so to speak and make the move.  Till then I am going to be careful to not put too many eggs in this basket; make sense?

-Sadie's Gathering won't be a comedic site, at least not regularly, and not intentionally.  You may find a humorous anecdote from time to time, but don't expect anything as funny as Jen with PIWTPITT here.

-You can expect it to be like sitting down and chatting with a friend, or an aunt hopefully.  I qualify as both literally, so I would like to think I have had some practice.

-You won't see any profanity at Sadie's.  Anyone that knows me, is laughing as they read this, because I can swear with the best of them and believe the f word to be the epitome of the English language.  To write it though, I feel something gets lost; mainly the punch of screaming it or repeating it over and over and over.  Try it.  Feels good doesn't it?  I won't mess with that.

-When it's done, hopefully you'll be able to find a suggestion for a good book, music, wine, beer, coffee, recipe, and a few others.

So, here's hoping.

Here's the crazy holidays that happened in the last few days;

16th - National Nothing Day (gotta love this one)
17th- Ditch New Year's Resolution Day (hmm... as if I need a holiday for this)
18th- Thesaurus Day (good day to expand your vocabulary)

and I'll sign off suggesting that you honor National Popcorn Day, today, by fixing some, watching a movie, and have a great Saturday, whether by yourself or with a fun someone.

Or, if you like, you can get an early start on tomorrow;  Penguin Awareness Day.

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