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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Day in Paradise

Another Day in Paradise  1/16/2013

      Still working on learning about what I need to know to reach my ideal site.  In the mean time, thinking about all I want to share.

     As mentioned a couple of days ago, I intend to have a "Words of Wisdom" list posted on the fridge.  Till then I will be working on putting the list here somewhere.

     I think I am progressing little by little, because today Sadie's Gathering came up as one of my options when I went to go to a new tab.  So, YEA!!! for that.

     I have two young daughters, that I'll call, Lizzie (8) and Lulu(5).  With both of them, I am constantly reminding them as they try new things, to be patient as they learn, give it time, and appreciate every step.  So, why is it so hard to apply those words to our own lives, once we reach that magical time in our life, adulthood?

     On that note, how often do we regard adulthood as magical?  A time when we do a lot of amazing things.   Whether it's through travel, falling in love, witnessing the creation of life, amazing jobs, or if it's just the time of doing what you want and letting the chips fall where they may.  It's all pretty cool.

     Yet, when it comes to something new, we seldom jump with the full abandon of our youth.
We contemplate, the contemplating to try and assess the chance of success before even starting.
After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, and they go pretty fast.  We have responsibilities.

We have obligations.  Can we just relax for a moment?  We're tired. 

     Maybe I am just weird.  I prefer eccentric and quirky by the way.   However, I have a sneaky suspicion, that I am not alone.

     So, for the time, let's just be glad the Mayans were wrong, and take a step towards starting,  whatever it is.  No jumping required.

Bon Chance Sur Votre Voyage! 

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