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Monday, March 4, 2013

Holy Experiment Day

      Today is Holy Experiment Day.  Let me start off this piece by saying, that Sadie's Gathering is not a religious site.  However, as in most settings of friends, whether it be a kitchen table, living room, or public house, many topics will be discussed.

      I am a Christian and have been since before I can remember;  as was Sadie, who was unflappable in her belief and faith.  Faith runs deep in my family.  Upon the gathering after my mom's funeral, my aunt told me that Sadie's one surviving sister had phoned her that morning, saying "Oh what a good time they must be having today!" 

     So, with that being said, Holy Experiment Day according to Holiday Insights, "is a day to try something, or ask for something, and measure the results."  Seems to me to kind of go against the idea of Faith; but proceed as you think is appropriate.

    As I wrote on Calendar of Crazy Holidays for March, it is also Hug a GI Day, so I think we should pray that all come home and then give them lots of hugs, literal and metaphorical.

     There is a commercial endeavor going on right now that I think could be looked at as a "holy experiment."  I am referring to The History Channel's, The Bible; a five part mini series that started last night, Sunday March 3rd, and concludes on Easter Sunday.  Did you see it?  What do you think?
I enjoyed watching most of it and thought it rung true for the most part.  I would have liked to have seen more of Creation, and Adam and Eve, but I know that it is only a mini series so I know a lot of picking and choosing had to occur.  I thought The Burning Bush segment was depicted very well.  I will most likely watch the remainder of the series, because I applaud the History Channel's efforts in telling "The Greatest Story Ever Told".

     I am going to stray from the topic at hand for a moment and vent.  So, bare with me for a moment.

     In today's "cable community", I am regularly disappointed as to how their lineups run.  Several years ago, when cable channels such as The Travel Channel, and the Foodnetwork, were getting their start, one could turn on these channels and find a show that made sense that it was being aired on that channel.  The Travel Channel aired shows like Samantha Brown's "Passport to Europe" and shows about Rick Steves' travels.  The Foodnetwork had shows like "Cooking With Emeril" and "Good Eats."  Today on The Travel Channel and the Foodnetwork,  you are lucky if you find a show that focuses on travel or food; more likely it is to be about a competition, or some other type of reality show featuring a rude know-it-all who is way past 8 years old, but has yet to figure out how to control their temper.  I know, I know, it's good for ratings.   Which I really don't get.  I would think for people who are parents, they would have had their fill of temper tantrums.  If you don't have kids, just visit your local supermarket, bookstore, bank, or airport.   Not enough? Stop by Chucky Cheese for an afternoon or the like, and I guarantee you will experience earsplitting, hairpulling, Category 5, level tantrums with a front row view.  Now That's Entertainment!

     Back on target.  I would like to see more history on The History Channel.  The Revolution, the Mayflower, Catherine the Great, England's monarchy; bring it on. 

     I did find it curious and amusing that Christian Mingle, a dating website, advertised as much as it did.  Well, I mean I get the need for advertising, both for promoting Christian Mingle, as well as helping to ensure that The Bible was shown.  Just some of the script in their commercials struck me as funny to say the least.  "Find out who's God's match for you" -well too bad if you are a Christian and don't have a computer, or yours is on the fritz.  Or testimony from some of their successful matches: "I don't know how I would have found (true love's name), if it wasn't for Christian Mingle?"  Really?!!  We're talking God, people.  What happened to having faith that love finds a way?  Granted it may not be as quick as a click of a mouse, but you'd find the one.

     The other thought I have about the History Channel's The Bible, is that it has two books that are being promoted, along with it.  I walked into a Barnes & Noble the other day and couldn't help but notice the large display for the books.  "A Story of God and All of Us: Based on the Epic TV Miniseries 'The Bible' "and "A Story of God and All of Us Reflections:  100 Daily Inspirations based on the Epic TV Miniseries 'The Bible'".  You mean the epic TV series that is based on The Book?  The All Time Epic Book?  So these are books that are based on a television series, that is, based on the oldest, most printed book of all time?   Just struck me as curious and funny at best.  Opportunistic at worst.

     Well that's wraps up my thoughts for today.  Have a nice evening if you stopped by and tune in tomorrow, to see what me, myself and I think about Multiple Personality Day.


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