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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

C'mon Spring

©Susan Jaye 2013
Will it ever arrive? Of course it will, but I know I am not alone when I ask when?

While visiting down South last week, it was much cooler than we, (and I am sure many college spring breakers) anticipated.  I was watching The Weather Channel one morning waiting for the day's local forecast, while they were doing a piece on the cold spring throughout the country.  They showed a photo someone had sent in of a snow bludgeoned yard, with the words "Phil lied" somehow inscribed in the snow.  So, c'mon Spring!

Till Mother Nature catches up with the calendar, I am doing some spring cleaning around the house as well as here at Sadie's.

I soon will be changing out the Louvre pic for  a springier one. Over to the left I added a pic I took in Jackson Square New Orleans of an azalea bush.  The pic above is of a bougainvillea plant I had while I lived in SoCal.

Here's what's new at Sadie's:

The recipe box picture up on the left will now link you to "The Recipes".  Today for the snacker in all of us I added "Snack Crackers Your Way" and a link for making Kettle Corn.  So, I hope you enjoy those along with the others.  Hopefully one day I will figure out how to do a drop down or something to make it easy to find.  Right now there's only a few so shouldn't be too tough.

The holidays I find are always interesting.  Even before adding the quirky relatives.  April's are no exception.  Tomorrow is Don't Go to Work Unless It's Fun Day.  Let me know what you decide.
Behold, the 4th is Tell A Lie Day.  Why someone came up with this is curious indeed.  Anyone  wanna take bets?  By the end of the month there's National Honesty Day,  so it's all good.

I have been working on several posts, among them one on Belief that I hope to have posted by week's end.  Here's to the hope that Spring brings.

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  1. Sue you need to let your readers know that the photos are taken by you and promote the photos for sale. Your photography has always been top notch. I am sure some readers would be interested.

    Love ya,


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