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Friday, April 5, 2013

Who Lied Yesterday?

Psst... yesterday was Tell a Lie Day.  Did anyone take advantage?  Did you tell a "whopper" and not realize you were "covered"?  Did you call off "sick" on Wednesday in honor of Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day?  Just curious.  Let me know in your comments please.  

Every once in a while here at Sadie's, I will state an observation, that really won't have a place under any of the current Pages.  So, as I write this, I am thinking that I will probably add another page.

Remember Arsenio Hall's "Things that make you go hmmm"? (Side note- Arsenio used to frequently visit the restaurant where I managed in California, and might I add, what a nice guy!  Really.)
I encountered one of these yesterday at my local grocery store.  A 3lb. bag of red potatoes was $2.99.  To buy them individually was $00.79/pound, coming out to $2.37 for 3 pounds, a better value.
Curious.  As I brought this to the attention of a woman who was about to purchase the bag, she thanked me, and added that the last time she bought a bag, there was a rotten one in the bag, thus really adding to the fact that "bulk" is not always the best value.  Just wanted to share.  Makes me miffed that we have to watch out for everything these days... Sigh; let's move on. 

Today is Go For Broke Day.  Time to throw caution to the wind, pull out all the stops, and every other metaphor I can't think of right now.

I'm trying to finish up my piece on Belief for later today, but just wanted to say morning y'all, and bring your attention to a few things on Sadie's.

I am adding to Words of Wisdom, and The Recipes, so check them out soon.  

One idea, which could actually go on both, depending how you look at it, is Greek Yogurt.

If you haven't already tried it- try it.  Here's my plug for it:  Greek yogurt is denser than most American yogurt products.   Yes it is more expensive, but you gotta consider all things.  My big push for it is because it has more than 3 times more protein than other yogurts.   Check out the labels for yourself.  Also, plain Greek yogurt tastes pretty much the same as sour cream.  When I discovered this, I tried switching it out in 3 uses; on baked potatoes; in a spinach dip recipe; and in an apple coffee cake that I make that calls for sour cream in the recipe.  In all three cases, no one could tell the difference!  So, no fat, and 3 times the protein.  I checked out the labels on my Greek yogurt and the other yogurt in our fridge.  Greek has 2 ingredients,  (skimmed milk and yogurt cultures), the other- 13!  Actually it's more, because who knows how many are in "natural and artificial flavors".  I get plain, for the versatility.  I add some granola, (of course made by me) to the yogurt and it's a great quick breakfast.  So, there you go.

Well, that's all for now.  I'll have more later on today.  

Go for broke, and have a great day!


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