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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Aunt Mary's Bourbon Slushy

     As we ready ourselves to celebrate another 4th of July, thought I'd share a recipe for a great summer treat for adults. 
     This recipe comes courtesy of my Aunt Mary.  In my opinion, everyone should have an Aunt Mary.  She's always been the fun aunt, the one who tells the good jokes, but is always there to listen and offer up good solid advice.  She's 85 and doesn't show any sign of slowin' down.  She takes life as it comes, and has a great "joie de vie".  I love her lots and hope she continues to rock on!
     She shared this recipe with me a few years back.   Just another tip from Aunt Mary.  She credits a nice lady from around the Chesapeake area for sharing it with her.  I added the mint leaves, and I encourage all to play with it and make it your own special recipe to pass on.  I like it cause it reminds me of the "wine of the South"- sweet tea; add the gentility of a mint julep, then some lemonade to remind you of a summer's lemonade stand.  Bring 'em all together and you have something to celebrate.

So, without further ado:

Aunt Mary's Bourbon Slushy

2 cups of strong tea* -cool before adding to mixture
*I use 4 Lipton's teabags and steep with several sprigs of fresh mint
1 cup of sugar
7 cups of water
2 cups of Bourbon
1 6oz. can of frozen orange juice concentrate
1 12oz. can of frozen lemonade concentrate

Mix all ingredients in large bowl or large pitcher (needs to hold 12-13 cups = 96+ ounces).
Remove mint before placing mixture in freezer.  Pour into large Tupperware containers.  It will need about 6 hours till slushy consistency; or just keep in freezer till friends drop by.  If word gets around, shouldn't be long.

P.S.  If you wish to leave out the alcohol, it's still lovely, but you'll need to make it in an ice cream maker in order to get the slushy consistency.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Independence Holiday.

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