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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

People Who Sing In Public- Unsolicited

     Thought about putting this on either the "Curious Things" or the "Bete Noire " list; but I realized that it would go a little long- so, this "quirk" got its own post.

     Unsolicited minstrels have always befuddled me.  Frankly, it amazes me how frequently I encounter them.  They always cause me to roll my eyes.  Even if I don't do it explicitly. 
     I am not talking about the individuals who play and sing on street corners in towns, or in the subways of cities.  Those folks I have no qualm with.  I understand, they have a dream.  I get that. Heck, that's why I am attempting to start a writing career in my mid-, well you know.  But that's a post for another day.  What I am referring to is when you are out and about and encounter an individual who is singing loud and articulately enough that you know it's not an oversight. 
     They strike anywhere.  And might I add everywhere.  My latest encounter was at my local grocery store.   In the cookie/cracker aisle.  It was a woman, which seems to be the norm.  Younger than me, (although I've witnessed older) but not so young that she could claim youthful ignorance.  I have no idea what song it was.  Admittedly I am not savvy on all current pop, though from the words I gathered it was a love gone wrong song.  Her voice wasn't totally offensive; neither did it cause me to stop in my tracks and place a call with "America's Got Talent."   I just scanned the snacks and tried to remember what the family was out of and needed despite "Liza's" performance.
      Another reason that the lady's exhibition irritated me so, is that I was at the grocery store.  I am one of those weirdos who actually enjoys trips to the grocery store.  Especially when I am on my time without the husband and kids, so I can spend time looking over, whatever.  I think the grocery store was also playing a song that I liked, not the same one "Liza" was crooning, (if it was, boy was she off) but one that you don't hear every day.  One of those that makes me nostalgic for my youth; yeah, way back when.
       I realize by writing this I may be going against the Carpernter's suggestion of "Sing, sing a song."  But that song came out in 1973, and I doubt that it's what gave "Liza" her inspiration.
     Do they just love to sing and can't keep it in?  I like to sing.  I sing lullabies to my daughters every night.  Yet, you don't hear me belting out The Great American Songbook to an unsuspecting public. 
       I just don't get it.  I guess I should admire their confidence.  Usually though, it just strikes me as oblivious at best and at worst, maybe not totally narcissistic; but certainly in the neighborhoodAre they fishing for a compliment?  Do they secretly hope by some chance, someone is going to hear them, who knows someone, who knows someone?  Then they'll be plucked from their mundane existence, and have a hell of a story to tell Oprah.
       Who knows, maybe I should've given her my name... 
just in case.

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