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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Just A Drop...

      Tomorrow I will post a guest post that I have been working on and planning for a couple of weeks.  With it, I hope to help spread the compassion, understanding, and simplicity that I believe were some of the author's goals, when she first wrote it.  
       While I rarely write of my political or religious views here at Sadie's, civil rights is an issue that I believe goes beyond.  I believe they are a birthright; essential to humanity, and one thing I wish was ubiquitous.
     I once heard a metaphor that compared long struggles with a drop of water; yet over time, because of that drop of water's tenacity, it (along with a few other forces) perseveres into something extraordinary as the Grand Canyon.  Regardless of religious or political views, it is awe inspiring to say the least.
     Recently, I finished reading John Steinbeck's, Travels With Charley.  As many times as I have read it, I am always stunned at after completing, how much it still sets my wheels a turning.  Towards the end Mr. Steinbeck recounts about being present during the desegregation of what I think was the William Franz Elementary School, and witnessing Ruby Bridges as she bravely entered the school amidst "Cheerleaders" and riot like conditions.  Deeply disturbed by what he saw, he then tells about individuals that he encountered afterwards.  Quite a spectrum of thought is what he found.  Among them, an elderly white man who explains how difficult it is to change a person's feeling about something.  It's been over 50 years since that book was written, but that still rings just as true today as it did then.
      There are many things that I don't get, but leading them is the reasoning and rationality that people come up with while hindering and even hurting, other people. 
      I hope everyone finds the post to be as helpful as I did as well as a good reminder to keep it simple sweetheart.  After all, love is love. 

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