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Friday, September 27, 2013


Nothing eloquent, just some random thoughts...

     Sadie's Gathering was the title I picked because I know me.  I loved my Grandma Sadie and the term gathering has always made me think of fun times. It could be either a gathering for a family holiday meal, or one with friends for a bitch fest.  I just wanted a place to write, about this and that; and thought hopefully someday it might form into a career of sorts.  So...

     First- I am a rotten typist.  You have no idea how long it has taken me to write these first few sentences.  I swear a lot.  Thankfully, my kids are in school at the present moment. 

     I am basically a happy person.  But I have my moods.  I decided a long time ago, not to let the emotion hate take up time with me.  My time is too precious.  So, I came up with a visualization of sorts, that involves me dancing in a pair of kick ass stilettos on the privates of the source of contention.  Does the trick every time.  Feel free to borrow that tip.   Enables you to smile sweetly, and give the impression of a sane, emotionally mature individual.

     One of the reasons I chose to have "gathering" in my title, is that I tend to have a lot of different topics, running through my brain any given moment.  Some may think I have ADHD.  What was I writing?  That's a joke.  I have thought about this and this is what I have come up with (I am cocky enough to believe it to be fact); so here's my thought:  With the invention of computers and all the shtuff; I think the average human brain just wasn't built to process all that new knowledge and keep on going as normal.  Stay with me.   Don't get me wrong, I think the human brain is virtually limitless in what it can learn.  However, I think that the time for optimum learning is when one is young: 10 and under.  After that there is the heavy logic, worry, hormones and other concerns that weigh the mind down and inhibit learning.  Not saying it is finished, but one just needs to consider, all things, before labeling occurs.  I know my daughters learn computer related techniques, a lot quicker than me, because they were born into that language.  I am not a tech savvy individual and struggle daily with all the nuances of all the jargon and all the social media, that are pertinent to what I am trying to do.  On the other hand, I was raised that proper manners require eye contact.  Today, with everyone looking at their screens, whatever they be, eye contact with another human being is often seen as confrontational.  Just an observation; just a thought.

     I am not a monument to justice, a saint, or running for office.  So, I can write and say pretty much whatever I want.   That being said, I realize at times it may seem that I am trying to preach or inspire or whatever; with posts like yesterday's "The Time Is Now" or "Take A Moment...Then Pass It On".
I do think the message is important; but I know the message is nothing new.  Still, the message is important, so keep it going from whatever source it comes.  Just for the record, I yell at my kids too much, and am of the mind most days, that no matter who the parent, (especially Ozzie and Harriett)
the kid will need therapy, or think they need it, somewhere down the line.

     One of the blogs I regularly visit is People I Want To Punch In The Throat.  Very funny most days.
Jen, who writes it, wrote about the Brian Holloway's House yesterday as well.  With her title, she has the luxury of writing all the words that come to mind, all the time.  I stated early on that since I often have 2 new, eager readers peering over my shoulder while I write that I would abstain from that luxury on Sadie's Gathering.  There are days that what I find at PIWTPITT crosses my line.  Probably if Jen stops by Sadie's, she has her critiques as well; may find it a little Pollyannish (sp) maybe.  No matter, that's why we each have the titles that we do.  I think she's probably a lot of fun to hang with, and a great mom.  Hope she would think the same of me.

     So, for the record, I don't have the snarkiness of some;  I am not trying to be Martha Stewart; and Sadie's is not a mom blog; I was here first.  However, I think you will find aspects of all of these from time to time, at Sadie's Hope you've enjoyed your visits to Sadie's Gathering.   Let's see what's round the bend.

Have a nice weekend.

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