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Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh Valentine, Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day.

Thought I'd post a quick one today, in anticipation of the next couple of busy days. 

Kids have half day of school, then parties to go to, and finishing out the weekend with a hockey game.

     I like Valentine's Day.  I like it like a kid does.  The bright reds and hot pinks are festive and help to shake the cabin fever.  The flowers remind me that someday spring will spring.  And the candy is well, great!  I'm happily married and got 2 great kids, so I guess these days it's also all about the love, as well.

     Thinking back to my younger days,  I recall 2 Valentines who decided that was the day to end our relationship.  Seriously?  Cheapos.

     To be fair, I can also remember one Valentine's Day where I received a very sweet card and flowers, only for me to call and leave the message, "Thank you for the card and flowers; we need to seriously talk."  He got the message.  Never heard from him again.  They were pretty flowers though.

     From working in the restaurant business, where it's a given that you will work on Valentine's Day; it is sometimes viewed as a sort of amateur night.  This comes from witnessing at least one of, if not all of the following during a Valentine's Day night.  
It's the pressure.

-Dates where it is obvious that it is one of if not the first date.  Both participants resemble deer in headlights, desperate to figure out what the other is hoping/anticipating, all the while making careful,...staggered,... conversation.

-Dates that are eager to impress, by either ordering the most expensive dish/wine, or something they have never tried before.  Oysters and escargot are two first time/last time culinary adventures.

-Dates who have obviously "lost that lovin' feeling."

-Dates who are obviously hungry; but not for food.  All over each other, drawing attention of all others within earshot and view.  There's really no nice and easy way to suggest that they may want to take their activities elsewhere.  That is if you can even get their attention.

-Proposals.  Sometimes sweet.  Sometimes awkward.

-Parties of more than 2, not on dates, not happy about that status, and determined to let everyone else know it.

      Keep in mind, guests that are not happy, even if the food and service are great, generally do not show monetary appreciation to their server.  Thus, amateur night.

      Yes, there are nice couples who are happy to be together as well.  Nice to be one of these, and nice to take care of in a restaurant.  No matter what day of the year.

     Hope you get to celebrate the day no matter how small, how big, with a smile and a laugh and those you love.
 Happy Valentine's Day.

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