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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rock & Rule!

Say it loud, say it proud!

As I think I have mentioned there are a few posts coming up that will focus on feminism.

    However, yesterday a couple of articles were brought to my attention, particularly one, that prompted my eyes to roll and my blood to boil.  Click "Hey Strangers, My Family Is Not Incomplete Without A Son" if you'd like to read it.  This article brought back a memory, that I think I already shared, but bear with me as I rehash, due to not being able to find it.

     In early 2010, my husband, our two daughters and I were preparing to move, from California, to Illinois.   Upon one of our last visits to our local park, I was chatting with a woman, whom we chatted with regularly, and she inquired as to how many more children we were planning to have.  Thought it was a tad strange, not to mention really none of her business, but I conveyed that we're finished and very happy with our two beautiful, healthy, daughters.  "But you don't have a boy," was her response.  I assured her she was correct.  "Don't you want a boy?" was her next spoken thought.  Why I felt the need to go on, who knows, but I explained, had one or both of our daughters been sons, we would have be just as delighted, but we got girls and we were thrilled and finished having kids.  She pressed on, "But you should have a boy!"  Realizing she'd never see my reasoning, (nor would I see hers) I explained that if we had anymore kids, we'd have to get a larger car, and we were very happy with our Honda Civic.  I leave to your imagination the look I received after that statement.

     This is not to say anything against men.  Love 'em, can't do without them.  But it is way past time to give women their due.  I have always been happy to be a girl.  I consider myself blessed.  I come from a long line of women who felt the same; I hope to pass that on to my daughters.

     So again; say it loud, say it proud.   Girls and women, no matter what their age, rock and rule!

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