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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why Are Social Media Not Social?

Rolling my eyes.  Yet again.

Think you know by now, I am not the most tech savvy.

Let's begin with my blog.
I try to change the picture for the "cover" and it rarely comes out how it shows it in "Preview".  Never know what size it's going to come out.   Not sure what determines it.

Then as Sadie's is a fairly young blog, I try to build my audience, by asking friends to check the blog out and joining.  I have had more than a couple of people tell me, they couldn't, for some reason, it wouldn't let them, etc.  Yes, I too suspected passive aggressiveness, but then I sat with a friend while she tried to join, and witnessed Google or whatever kicking her off, and saying that option was not available at that time, and to try later.

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest; just as I have the format close to figured out, they change it.

Since there's never a freakin' human being to find to help- how can they call it "social media"?

     All of them have what I believe is termed "intuitive software", where you type in the question you need help with, and a "key word" (thought up by God knows who) cues up possible topics you could be having trouble with.  I don't find that intuitive; I find that presumptuous at best, maddening as hell at worst.
     In the last couple of days, several friends that I keep in touch with via Facebook, have shared their "Facebook movies."  While I have enjoyed viewing everyone's, I don't dare entertain the thought of making one for myself.  I spent 30+ minutes this morning trying to change my cover photo and add a few photos in an "album."  Maybe all the Facebook technology or whatever is too busy making movies, to bother with my measly request.  I'm willing to bet if I took the bait and made a Facebook movie, Facebook would choose the photo of me from college where I was half in the bag; that a pal "tagged" me in.  And you just know, there'd be nobody to help/talk to, to let them know, THAT'S NOT ONE I WANT TO REMEMBER!!!  No thanks.  Also, what's with that music?  My friends have much better taste.  So, I added a new idea to SNL Sketches I'd Like To See.  I never claimed to be a pillar of maturity.

     A friend recently contacted me to find out how to work Linkedin.  Since, I was the one that brought him into social media, he assumed I had it figured all out.  Thing is, although we used to work together, are good friends, and I am glad to be in touch, I honestly don't remember how or even if I did anything to bring him to Linkedin.  A dad I know through school recently let me know that "thanks for the invite", but he's not on Linkedin.  Whaat?  Don't remember sending an invite there either.  Recently, I have been receiving invitations to connect to total strangers.  People who are not in my past field, (restaurants) or current; people whom I have never made contact with, through school, or wild ass parties for that matter.  Honestly, it's been close to 20 years since I've been to that kinda party.  So even if one of these people were from that time in my life, I think the attempt to get in touch would be a tad in vain.   Of course, it's never one of the ones you do remember from that time in your life.  Oh well.  Point is, who is deciding, who sends the invites, who gets invited, and what we get endorsed for?  Curious indeed.  By the way if you are sending a message via Linkedin, keep in mind to keep it short.  I was going to include the number of words or characters that are allowed, but couldn't find the answer.  That lovely intuitive...software.  A while back a chef I used to work with, who now lives in China contacted me, through Linkedin.  Asked to connect.  I accepted.  Then he sent me a note as to what was new.  I'd moved to Chicago from LA, since we last traded messages, and he inquired about my husband whom he knew, and our daughters. I typed out an answer.  It took about 15 minutes including interruptions from those daughters.  I clicked "send message", THEN I receive notification that it was too long by 163 words.  My answer was initially not as long as this paragraph.  So, I copied and pasted my answer into an email; made sure I had my friend's current email and sent it to him that way.  Good ol' email.

     As for Twitter, I have an account, but since I have a "dumb phone" rarely go there.  Given my issue with acronyms, probably has something to do with it as well.  Not one for the brevity factor either; shocking I know. 

Pinterest, has not infuriated me yet.  So I tip my proverbial hat to them.

I close with just two thoughts:  "Huge opportunity"  & "Customer Service"

You're welcome.


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