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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Animal For Today:


     Again, because of the 8 arm thing; definitely could come in handy.

     But as I realized before; if I was one, so would my daughters be.  Thus, defeating the purpose, as depicted by my husband's cartoon for Ever Feel Like This?:

So, today's pick for the animal I'd like to be today is the octopus. 
Some cool things I just learned about octopuses (I always thought the plural was octopi; both are accepted):
They can regrow tentacles if one is severed or bitten off.
Not only can they mold their shape to blend in, they can change color, and they can alter the texture of their skin for the ultimate camouflage!
And the best-an octopus can taste what it touches!  As in with its tentacles!  

Talk about a multitasker!

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