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Friday, May 2, 2014

Rainy Days...

©Susan Jaye 2014
     Well, here it is, May 2, and we're in the midst of days on end of rain, wind, and less than spring like temperatures.  The fact that is snowed at least enough to see snowflakes, or create a dusting, during the last 7 months; even I am ready for a change.  Right now, it's 47 degrees Fahrenheit.  Who knows what the wind chill is; guess there comes a time that even the weather forecasters throw up their hands in frustration.

     I feel gripey, unmotivated, and surly.

Even these ducks seem less than pleased-
©Susan Jaye 2014
©Susan Jaye 2014

©Susan Jaye 2014
     So, till the weather catches up with the season, I will catch up on reading; do some armchair travelin'; and watch hockey.

     Right now there are 23 days left of school, so as much as I'd like to travel to the ideal climate, there's a few more weeks till we're "on the road again".   Thank you Willy.

If you can't get away, here are some ideas for some great arm chair travelin':
-Browse through coffee table books of your favorite places.
-Gather together the food of your favorite places.  When you don't feel like making that effort, relax with a glass of wine- close enough, and if you drink enough you'll be able to conjure up the images and the feelings better anyway.
-Some museums such as the Louvre of Paris, have sites where you can go for a virtual tour.
-Google walk around you favorite spot.  Paris, London, New York...

Lastly, here's a link to "The Most Charming Towns in Europe":

Bon Voyage!

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