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Friday, June 13, 2014


I've thought about doing these from time to time.

There's just some days that my mind is more scattered than others; and today is such a day.

Kids are driving me a bit mad today... then I read this great post by Banmi Laditan, 5 Minutes in a Mom's Head; and remembered I'm far from alone.

As you probably guessed, I still spend a little time over at Huffington Post; so my frustration with the recent change as I vented about in"Huffington Post + facebook= NIGHTMARE", has not swayed me from stopping by and reading a few posts.  I'm still cautious about what I comment on.

Now that school's out we're nearing the actual calendar start of summer, and theme parks get into full swing; my thoughts go to the swing of swings, the Steelhawk; and the Verruckt.  Think I made it pretty clear in "What the Verruckt?" that you'll never catch me on either, but I am curious as to when they'll open.  Right now, the Verruckt is slated to open June 29th; but there is yet to be an official date for the opening of the Steelhawk.

Can't help but be curious about the Galactic Cap.  To date Mr. Powell has raised more than $14,500,  with over 100 funders; most partaking of various perks.  Gotta hand it to him.  Pun intended.  I confess, it befuddles me that there are that many takers.  With the Indiegogo Flexible Funding Plan that Mr. Powell has chosen, he will keep all the money, even if he does not obtain the desired $100,000.  So, for those who have donated in hopes of the gifts that are to be delivered in 2016; seems to be contentious upon FDA approval; which if funding does not reach $100K; seems a bit doubtful that will ever come to pass.  But hey- anything could happen between now and then.  Though to me, seems a tad more likely for folks to run off with a few donated thousand; than try to prove that something with the circumference of a 50 cent piece can prevent pregnancy and deadly diseases the world over.  But that's just me.  Then again, there are some of the funders that can expect their donation gifts to be delivered before the end of 2014; as early as July even.  You can get keychains (still need a key to start any engine); a postcard- to send to friends to let them know you've finally lost it; a coffee mug- ew; and my favorite- a beret.  Tres bien.

Then there's the prototypes.  Cause there's nothing quite like paying to be a guinea pig.
 "Mount it on your you-know-what and be the first to give it a 'Tesla-like' test drive."  Seriously?

Oh, and a stylish display case to mount on your desk or wall to show off your "pioneering spirit."  Yea, that's what you'll be showing off.  Again; ewww.

Finally, I'm still looking for that great summer fun read.  Decided against Taint, when one day, I realized I had no problem uttering the f-word many times a day, and I had no interest in being inside a man's mind for 242 pages.  So, my quest goes on.

Have a great weekend!

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