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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gotta Hand it To Them....

      Since the world's gone crazy, and I am in the midst of packing to move, thought I'd do a post that gathers a few of the "bright ideas", I've come across since starting Sadie's Gathering.  May even do a "Page" where I'll post these doozies, until then, here are a few of my faves.

A few days ago, I saw that the PooPourri spokeslady had a new videomercial, "Second Hand Stink" on YouTube.  In January I wrote, "A Few Thoughts From The Prude", and aired my thoughts on PooPourri and adult wipes.  Despite my issues with scatological topics, I applaud
Ms. Batiz for her ingenuity, and always get a kick out of PooPourri's videomercials.  Even though I think it's amusing, I am willing to bet there'd be a market for my "PooTunes" idea

     As of recent, we have the Galactic Cap.  Looks like Mr. Powell is going to reach his goal with Indiegogo for $100,000.

Of course I've had plenty to say about it, so if you have yet to read the posts here are the links:

Galactic... What?
The Galactic Cap; Another Look

While writing the first post, it dawned on me that the cap resembled a 'popper'-a kids toy that you turn inside out, then it pops!  Well, guess you had to be there, but my husband and I had a great hoot over it- though the pop it actually has tiny hole in it, that enables it to pop.  Since the cap does not, (hopefully) I imagine it is more like a suction cup.  Thus this cartoon:

     Have you heard?  Google Glass, is now on the market.  Have you seen about Glance?  The app that you can use with your Google Glass so you can see what your lover sees and vice versa.  Needless to say, I had fun writing, Google Glass's New App.  Apparently Glance is not just for Google Glass anymore; Glance is also available for your iPhone now.  It enables you to make two videos at once and then watch them simultaneously.  Might I suggest you just be very careful with keeping track of your videos?  Be a shame to share last week's video with the wrong... oh well to each his own.  Soon you'll be able to take the videos to a new level; say switching bodies with your lover virtually with the help of the Oculus Rift.  Important point to keep in mind for the future: Facebook owns Oculus.  I'm just sayin'.
     So what if you had the Galactic Cap join in on the act with the Google Glass Glance and Oculus?
Of course you'd have to share that on Facebook.  Be sure not to forget your PooPourri.

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