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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bear With Me...

     Alright.  If you've been visiting since last year, you recognize the above cartoon, courtesy of my talented husband, Davis Jaye, from earlier posts, The Perks of Being Fired, and Technology vs. Me.
Despite that I do not work with the wire/earpiece at this time, I still am emerged in computer time for several hours of a day.  
     Recently, I bought a laptop- a touchscreen with a mousepad, which for the most part, I like.  There are times though, that I scream at it when for some reason, one of my fingers unknowingly accesses the secret force; the force that moves my typing to another place on the page; pulls up an unwanted tab; or just reverts back to the home page.
It's happening as I type this.  Like having one of Casper's mischievous uncles lurking around-it's infuriating.  At times even a little spooky.

Now for some reason, my Comment Section has disappeared.  I've checked box after box in settings, enabling this and that; and as of right now- there's no comments on my blog.  In a nutshell it pisses me off.  Yup.  Broke my rule.  
In these times, I think it's best if I just step away for a bit.  Otherwise I turn into this:
Not a pretty picture.  Be back soon.  I hope.


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