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Monday, July 14, 2014

Joys of Moving #1

Here's the latest!

We're in the process of moving.


Think you know, I'm being ironic.  Or sarcastic.  Or whatever.

During this glorious time, there'll be times like today that I'll just post a quick bit, to share the fun I'm having.  So you can live vicariously- lucky you.

Right now, I'm in Lego Hell.

We're attempting to build all the sets we have to ensure no Legos get left behind.

Before you label me, allow me to give you my reasons.

Moving takes a lot of packing, and sorting out, throwing junk away.  Tedious as Hell and about as close as I've come to boredom in years; since the last time we moved.  Most of it comes down to me.  I'm not playing a martyr card; just the way it works out.  Most of the stuff, my daughters have absolutely no interest in packing up.  Their toys on the other hand are a different story.  When I suggested that we work to get all the Lego sets together now; because in a month we move, and I promised that I would not give a hill of beans what miniscule part gets left behind then; they all of a sudden became engaged

By that I mean they put down the electronics, and stepped away from the tv.

They get along, and work together.  It's a beautiful thing.  Especially when while packing up our den and the oodles of books we have, I had to mediate countless times on those days.  That's exhausting.

It may foster the idea, that they need to take care of and keep track of their toys.  I'll let you know.

Engages them in packing up and sorting out the junk in their rooms.  Mainly all the school papers, that at one time they thought they just had to keep.

I remember how much I like Legos.  They're fun.  Otherwise, I question my sanity for buying all those sets in the first place.

So, need to get back to LegoLand, chez nous.

Yesterday while working, I thought of my post, "Today's Toys: Kids' Dream; Parents' Nightmare"; and my thoughts on the Legos:

     "Lego bricks have been around since the mid 1900's, are from Denmark -the name derived from a Danish phrase that translates as "play well".  These building bricks have always been a big hit, I remember my set.  They too, along with the fashion dolls of today have evolved into a production that boggles the mind.  Well, at least mine.  I have no complaints on how they are made; just now they are made in even more sizes than were available when I was a kid.  Smaller- so that I need my reading glasses to decipher WHAT!?  -after I get through restraining my blue streak I let rip when I step on what remains one HARD  "little darling Lego."  If you are a first time or an expectant parent, you need not wait till your little bundle of joy is past the age of 3 for fear of swallowing a Lego.  Lego created Duplo blocks that are big enough so you can get your toddler on the road to what will  be an obsession that will last their whole childhood.
     When they do reach the age of big kid's Lego bricks, prepare yourself.  To state that Lego has "branched out"- is putting it mildly.  Whatever show or movie has tickled your fancy in the last 30 years, good chance there's a corresponding Lego figure.  That obviously did not do enough for business, because they have created in the last few years fantasy action series such as Ninjago and Chima.  Complete with television shows of their own, as well as many desirable individually purchasable sets.  My daughter bought through her school's book club order, The Ninjago Character Encyclopedia, that has pictures of each of the characters and their backstory.  It also serves, as I feared, a catalog since it also features photos of all the Ninjago sets as they are available.   Fortunately, I have no problem with saying the word "no"; and sticking to it.
     Also, for all you kids out there who are closer to my age, are you aware that Lego offers a Business Consultant Service?  Lego Serious Play offers their bricks to companies to help with creative thinking and team building exercises.  Now what do you reckon Lego charges these companies for Serious Play?  Methinks it might be a tad more cost effective if the companies were just to tell their employees to go home and play with their kids' Lego sets.  If a coworker is sans kid- there's your team building effort- share yours.  Any ol' way, doesn't it just make you feel warm and fuzzy knowing Lego's got their metaphorical bricks in everything."

Can't wait to work on the dolls.

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