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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Are YOU Ready To Scream?

     Pardon me using this cartoon again that was originally used in my March 28th post Ready To Scream!.  I began this post over a month ago. Where there are developments in the 3 cases that prompted this post, I have noted, what I have found.

      As you know close to 300 girls were taken from their school in Nigeria on April 15.
While we were scrambling to get our taxes done, mailed out or whatever, girls were kidnapped with the intention of selling them for $12 a head to market for marriage, sex trade, or whatever.  I cannot get over it.  Nor two other cases that are on the other side of the world. 

     One of the things that bothers me, is that these news stories, are not prevalent in today's news; but are still far from resolved.   What bothers me most, are the countless similar crimes, killings, that never make the news.

    I know we all need time off from our lives, and brain candy.  Sometimes with what's going on in our lives; it's easier to ponder what Amal Alamuddin's dress will look like; or roll our eyes over Gwyneth's awkward dealings with whatever.

There's only 24 hours a day, and how do we want to fill it?

There was a Pakistani woman, Farzana Parveen stoned to death by her family a few weeks ago.  Why?  She married the man she loved.  And she was pregnant.  Her husband admitted to killing his first wife 6 years ago, so that he could marry Parveen.  As of July 6, 2014, 5 men, including Ms. Parveen's father, were indicted for the murder.  According to Honour Based Violence Awareness Network (HBV), 5000 women are murdered every year in the name of honour.

Meriam Yeyha Ibrahim was to be hung for apostacy as soon as she weened her daughter, whom she gave birth to on a prison floor.  As of this date she and her husband and kids are currently at the US Embassy in the Sudan.  For the most recent news, you can check out the facebook page:
Save Meriam Yeyha Ibrahim Ishag.

As for the Nigerian girls, Malala Yousafzrai is currently in Nigeria to do whatever she can.  Since the initial kidnapping in April, some girls have escaped, some have been killed.  From most sites- 217 girls remain in captivity.

I have more time, being SOHM/unemployed, to research this and that; I understand that the majority of people do not sit at a computer as I do- but get their news from a screen slightly smaller than 4.5x2.31 inches.

Someone once said, "There is more that makes us alike, than makes us different."  Or something like that.  Sometimes I believe that.  Sometimes I'm not so sure.

Either way, the old world keeps a-spinning.

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