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Monday, July 21, 2014

World Wide Taboo

Did You See This?  Not the pretty birdie; this was just my choice of my photos to share this post with.  Keep your eye on the birdie...

Thank you to Upworthy; one of my favorite sites.  If you don't know what I'm referring to; check this out:

"The World Wide Menstruation Taboo"

Upon reading over the map, here are my first thoughts.

Although I understand how one could, please don't think that I take this lightly, or think that it's funny in any shape or form.

Just sometimes the absurdity of it all brings out my snarkiness.

Let's start with the closest, Venezuela, where women are forced to sleep in special huts for the duration of their periods.

I'd ride that as long as I could.  Stay the f#$* away and just let me sleep.

For those who believe that women should not pray, read the Koran, or fast during this time...I'd see that as time to ... well I just don't know.

In India, where I would not be allowed to touch a cow- fine keep Bessie to yourself.  Have fun.

In Nepal where I'm not permitted to interact with anyone, (I assume that means kids as well) and then am banished to spend my special time away in the wilderness in a clay hut aloneAgain, I'd ride that puppy; "Sorry honey, just a freak of nature, but yes still going on...yes I know it's two weeks...Junior did what?!  You had to clean it all up?  Ahhh.... bet he was so cute while he was doing it though..."
Curious thought: Do women become "in sync" in Nepal?  Or anywhere else in the world for that matter?  If women are "put out in the wilderness" for approximately 1/4 of the year; think that may count for some backwardass progress?  Half the population is just put out to wilderness for 3 months-methinks that, explains a lot.

In Southeast Asia, menstruating women can't use the same water facilities?  Here's hoping their line is shorter for the hot water.

Lastly, Africa.
Kenya; can't enter goat pens, or milk cows- may contaminate the darling beasts.  Can't eat the meat either.  Wonder what the logic is for that?  Mind your own animals then.  Over in Ghana, forbidden to enter a home with a man, or cook for him during the entire time of menstruation.  Think you may know where I'm heading with this...
Fine and dandy sweetheart, you're on your own; and you can cook your own damn food.  
Bon Appetit.

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