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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Had To Ask...

Remember, at the end of my last rant on the Galactic Cap, when I said "I can't wait to see what they come up with next,"?

I should've known better.

Just in case you're out of the fashion loop as I am, the above photo is a C String.  It's underwear for those who feel a thong or a G string covers up too much.  Available for both women and men.

The photo above is one for men.

Although I believe we all could come up with an idea or two for what the "C" stands for; (on both women and men); it's actually for the shape of the...garment. 


But I guess if you're gonna straddle a letter of the alphabet..."C" is a good way to go.

Wonder if they considered other letters?

Why not a "U"?  Too snug?  Might have been confused with the whole YouTube thing; "U-String, YouTube."... probably best not.

Good they didn't choose a "Q" shape, I think.

The first I heard of it, was today, while I was laughing about designer vaginas, over at PIWTPITT.
Who comes up with these ideas?  Honestly.

I could write a lot more of my take on the C String, but I have packing to do.

Plus, don't think I could capture it quite as well as this take, from an English mum.

Although I reserve the right to air more thoughts on the C String at a later date.

For instance, what's the reasoning behind imposing a weight limit of of 140 pounds?

Also, C Strings are available in swimsuit material, so as to not be bothered by even the teensiest tan lines.  Have they not heard?  That much sun is not good for you.

Another bright idea, to be sure.

Oh well; another day.

Back to packing.

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