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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Holiday Pet Peeves

  • I considered putting a Santa hat on a Peeve, till I saw this! A photo of a loved one Michael, who has since passed.  So grateful to have known him.
This is a repost from 2015; considering how crazy 2022's been; I've tried to keep seeing the silver lining of all the unprecedented chaos... yet, some things never change...

Not to be a Scrooge... but... I'm human, and during the hustle and bustle of this time of year, I find there are a few things extra, that grind my nerves...

Shopping Carts.  
     From my list of Pet Peeves.  I know everyone is a little bit crazy during this time of year, still if they've gone aisle after aisle in the store filling it; is a few feet to the nearest corral that difficult?  Nothing can turn St. Nick into Scrooge quicker than a stray cart carried by the North Wind right into his new Jaguar.

People who force their kids to see Santa.  
     Much less, sit on his lap.  And to have it all captured by photo.  Not sure where this tradition came from.  Dr. Boogie has the moxy to suggest that it derived from an Al Capone torture method.  Nice.
    As parents, we spend the majority of the other 11 months in the year educating our kids on stranger danger- no touching and never accept candy from a stranger.  Then come December, and the hope to capture something(?)- we throw caution to the wind.  At least we'll have the photos to show our child's future therapists. 

People who bring their kids shopping after 7pm.  
     Kids are tired by sundown, sometimes earlier, and Lord Almighty they'll let the whole store and everyone know it.  I know sometimes there's no other way.  But during the night in our house, while one parent struggles with bedtime, the other heads out to tackle the crowds, traffic, and to search high and low to find sugarplums for our little angels.  Even so there is a tad of relief to be out of the house.  Short lived when I hear someone else's bundle of joy being less than joyful.  And I can't win.  If the parent is losing it, I think,"Awe...what did you expect?"  If the kids is waling like a banshee, I think, "How long till you get your brat out of here?!"  I know; nobody will ever mistake me for Mary Poppins or Mother Theresa.  

Of course, THE ELVES.
     I am not anti-elf.  Hats or antlers off to those who find time to come up with the energy and holiday cheer to endure the little imps' shenanigans and clean up after them.  However they do offend my pet peeve of UBIQUITY.  Click HERE if you need further explanation.

FruitcakesLiteral and other.  
     I don't care what Alton Brown says, I've never tasted one that I wanted a second bite of.  Waste of good liquor.  In Colorado there's a special day for folks to hurl these in competition.  Saw somewhere: NEVER HURL AT SOMEONE, (such as a family member).  Good tip.   

As for the other fruitcakes, allow me to quote Jack, "Go sell crazy somewhere else; we're all stocked up here."

Will never quit griping about PACKAGING.  
     ~The wax paper that crackers are packaged in, tears because superglue is used to fasten the opening and is stronger than the wax paper of the package.  
     ~The triple triple stitch, used to secure scratchy tags to kids clothes.
     ~The itty bitty whateveryoucallems, that are used to secure Barbie, and Barbie's clothes to the cardboard.  
     ~The razor sharp plastic that's used to encase every single toy, that pretty much guarantees the need for bandaids for anyone who dares to open a package.  Ever.

Toys that break before the sun sets on the 25th. 'Nough said.

Less than Santa's Nice List worthy behavior in my kids. 
     Might have to endure one of those elves after all.  
When your kids get to be teens, this, quality,... cranks up.  Go get,
 a cup of cheer.

People that dress their pets up in holiday wear 
     Actually, this doesn't bother me.  We now have a dog.  Most always brings a smile and/or laugh, when I see, other pets, in holiday clothes.  I do agree however with the notion, that this is why pets bite, claw up curtains, and leave special little presents for you in your favorite pair of shoes.

Here's hoping this brought a few smiles. 

Happy Holidays.

Originally posted 12/13/2015

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