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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Isn't it pretty?  I have a notion to get some pretty fabrics and make up a tshirt.  Anybody else want one?

This was my result after taking a quiz on PlayBuzz, entitled:

This is their explanation:The profane term that best describes you is Bitch! What we like about this curse word is that it gets straight to the point and contains a bold meaning. It really describes a hardcore, no sh*t-taking person just like yourself, and when you use this term in everyday life it really makes a statement. Maybe others don't necessarily want to hear the statement itself, but who really cares? Freedom of speech!

Bitch to me, is a woman who knows her mind, and always sees to it that she gets what she wants.  Regardless.  A definition in Webster's is: "A malicious, spiteful, domineering woman-- highly objectionable or unpleasant."  Objectionable to whom?  Who cares?  A bitch doesn't.

I don't think, "bitch" is a term that's been often used to describe me though.  
I wouldn't let the red hair and freckles fool you.

Wonder if Ron Howard ever had this issue?

All of my life I've had red hair and freckles.  These days the red hair is more from a bottle and the freckles are from sun exposure.  It started though due to genes.  My red hair came from my great grandmother Mary; everyone else in the family had black hair.  My freckles, came from my WASP background.

Then, I was raised to not say anything if I can't say something nice.

Never argue with idiots; you'll lose because they have more experience.

Result: I have often been perceived as fresh off the boat, with little fortitude, and am just too damn nice.  Hmmm...

These days I think one would be hard pressed to find many who are truly, sincerely too nice.

There are those who are sugary sacchariny too nice; always want to look at those motives.  Don't think that was what those who told me I was too nice, meant.  They meant that I was a pushover.  Although frustrating at times, this perception of me has often made me laugh.  The perception has often enabled me to get the benefit of the doubt... "Me? I'd never do that."

When I was in management, I'd grant someone an extra day off, because I felt compassion for the person's situation.  Sometimes the reason for me being described as too nice, was due, to me acquiescing to some request, because I saw no reason/benefit to not.  Just didn't matter to me; I had "other fish to fry."  Maybe my only motivation, was to drive someone else crazy.  I'm not a monument to justice.  There have been moments... let's just say, some people are fun to irk the hell out of.

As long as I'm entertained; rock on!

 As the goddesses, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey once said:


Now you go and have yourself a nice day.

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