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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Okay, Let's Talk About...

Found this print advertisement for Durex, originally on Huffington Post, in a slideshow entitled "100 Ads That Got People Talking".
Ya think?

No surprise, after my "interest" in the Galactic Cap, I had a few thoughts on this:

The initial image is provocative, but it is for a brand of condoms.

Frankly though, after seeing this, if I was out in the single world I would hi-tail it away from any man that used the brand.  Well okay, to play fair, if I was sure he had also seen this advertisement and it served as the impetus for his decision.

Eons ago, I studied advertising.  There are many fine lines that you walk between taste, bringing attention to your target audience, and creativity just for creativity sake.  This Sunday is Superbowl XLIX.  Regardless of who plays in the game, the commercials are always the draw for me.  I'm looking forward to the continuing Budweiser story with the horse and the dog, and the Mercedes campaign with the "Tortoise and the Hare."

Back to this advertisement.
Love that there's only two phrases within the male silhouette: "MUSCLE TENSION" everywhere in his body and "YOU MAKE IT" in his mind.  Cause we all know, men are so simple.  

Just as we know that any woman who engages in sex with a man, experiences "QUAKING", "SHUDDERING",  "VIBRATIONS", "LUST" within her "ORGASM WAVE"; causing only thoughts of: "PARALYZED", "CONFUSED","EMBARRASSMENT".  

But who cares?  Her hair is "RUMPLED" AND "TOUSLED", she has "VIBRATIONS" in her neck and in her arms, and her legs are, "TURNED ON", "EXCITED", "PASSIONATE" "LUSTFULL",  and "HORNY".  Probably why her feet are just, "NUMB".  Oh and her boobs don't experience anything; they're just "BOOBS".  Perhaps they're silicone.  

Did the group that came up with this lovely, ever inquire, question, or so much as consult a member of the female sex?

Is there any wonder why there are problems still today, concerning consent?

To their credit, I don't believe Durex still uses this ad.

They also featured 2 similar ads.  One ad had as the woman's thought, "DAINTY" and "LUSCIOUS"; and the other one finally granted her, "PEACE".  Bless her.

With that, I'll sign off.

Peace to all.

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