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Thursday, January 22, 2015


Video courtesy of YouTube

Have you seen the new Dancing Traffic Light?

Bit of genius there, I do believe.

Of course, some thoughts come to mind.

~If anyone's in that much of a hurry, (albeit in their own mind) will this cause them to slow down? Or will it just further antagonize them into crossing the street hastily?

~Who monitors the "dance booth"?  Given it would be very entertaining if someone from the Chippendales or such, busted a move in the dance booth; it would no doubt yield a very crowded street corner.  Very few people would do, what they initially came to do: CROSS THE STREET.

~As far as the "dance booth" is concerned: as a parent of 2, I imagine spending the better part of a day in whatever city had one of these.  "Just one more time, PLEASSSSE Mommeee!"
I'd never get off the street corner.  THAT'S not what I meant...

~There are some cities, NYC for one; where if you do not cross the street when YOU ACTUALLY VERIFY WITH YOUR OWN EYES THAT IT IS CLEAR; you'll never get across.  Don't care what the little red guy/green guy is doing; it's my body, thus it'll be my eyes I'll be trusting.

~There are some cities (Los Angeles), where jaywalkers are ticketed.  What if one was so enamored with the dancer, that they become confused as to when to walk and when to dance?

~What does the Green Guy ("Go sign") do?

Still, I do applaud the innovative minds that came up with this idea.  Think we all could do with a bit of slowing down. 

I remember when I bought my first computer and it dialed up akin to the computers in You've Got Mail.  The service man who delivered and set it up informed me that before long, there would be a cable option that would be much quicker.  
I told him, "If I'm in that much of a hurry, I'm in trouble."

Ah... nostalgia.

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