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Saturday, February 4, 2023


Happy Late Groundhog Day!

It's now 2023.  I started Sadie's Gathering 10 years ago! 

So, Phil saw his shadow... or whatevah this year... so we have six weeks more, of winter.  To me, (whatevah you wanna call the PTB (Power That Be) It is Mother Nature's decision... so who knows what the daisies the weather will be like ...

Hope you have a great year, regardless of the weather. 

If I ever made $ with Sadie's Gathering, I'd write a lot more on here... 

So, if you spend time here, enjoy the eclectic posts, photos, recipes, or whatevah... please contribute/pay, a bit... I've had a friend pay $5, which I was so pleased with... then I had one that I admire greatly... (even before they contributed to my blog) give $150!

Needless to say, after that I hoped to not have to find another job to pay my bills. 

Yet I did. 

I still keep my hopes going. 

I'll do all I can to keep as many hopes for as many I can, going! 

Happy 2023! 

Turns out, this post applies in 2021 as well... well if we're just talking weather... there's new posts to come... but for now, enjoy quarantining with your loved ones!!! 

Good ol' Phil saw his shadow this morning, so six more weeks of winter.  

No he's not a meteorologist.  But heck, after the lack of, well, snow, for New York's Snowmageddonand yesterday, one site described our area precipitation as "light snow".  Chicago got around 19 inches.  Figure Phil has as much chance of being in the ballpark, when it comes to predicting the weather, as anyone else.

There's been times that I've thought of encouraging my kids to pursue a career of meteorology.  Other than a pro baseball player, it's the only job I know of where one can get it wrong most of the time and still have a job.

Oh; Pitchers and Catchers report in 2 weeks, and 3 days.  Go Cubs!

Did you see that Craigslist enjoyed an upswing, as some NewYorkers prepared for the anticipated snowstorm by posting ads for "Blizzard Buddies"?  Made me think of my father-in-law.  After I pointed out that there were a lot of October birthdays in our families, he replied, "January and February are cold."

If you're hankering for movies, Groundhog Day, Beautiful Girls, SinglesMystery Alaska, or any James Bond are my goto's. 

Here's a curious thought:

Why is it that men who try to forecast the weather are weathermen, and women weather casters are called, weathergirls?  What's more, where is the list of good looking weathermen?  No offense to Willard and Al.  There are 3 lists for beautiful weather casters who are women.  Note that one of these lists in on the International Business Times site.

Makes me wonder if Phil has ever been a Philomena.  Don't know about that, but Chuckles, Phil's Conneticut competitor, is a female.  

Any ol'hoo, here are links for a little more Groundhog Day fun.

Groundhogs Aren't Looking For Their Shadow...

Punxsutawney Phyllis by Susanna Leonard Hill

An interview with Phil, concerning PETA's allegations

Stormfax Weather Almanac

Join the Groundhog Club!

Have a good one.

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