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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Senator Cotton... A Couple of Quick Questions

Well, actually the questions aren't for Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) per se; more for the people who voted for him.

Be honest- is this what you wanted?  

What about the other 46, and the people who voted for them?

We can debate over the plan that President Obama is proposing;  we can agree and disagree. 

But the 47 have taken out of our hands the ability to "keep it in the family."

To me it's insulting.

Then apparently, some say the letter wasn't meant to be all that; that it was just a jest.  REALLY?

Which is it?

Did you mean to seriously undercut the President; or did you not?

Or were you just trying to show us how big your... whatever is?

As the Dowager of Downton has expressed: 

"There's a point where malice is no longer amusing or in good taste."

I think we've reached that point.

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