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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Too Much to Ask?

This was written and posted a while back. With the Charleston, SC shooting, and with yesterday's arson in Charlotte, NC, figure it's time to post again.

     The title says it all.  Gonna be a short post as well.  It's the first day of Fall and it's a gorgeous day here in the Midwest.
     Just the craziness of the world has me thinking: along with Take A Momentwhat if every morning, everyone made this vow: "Go Forth & Behave"?  
     Had an encounter with a person yesterday that was the inspiration for this.  Won't elaborate, but what if everyone would just make a commitment to go out, be pleasant and nice to all who cross their path?  If all that crossed that path were making the same commitment, wouldn't that be nice?

Think I'm gonna make it into a tee shirt.  Be good to one another and have a great day.

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