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Monday, June 22, 2015

We Cannot Just Shrug This Off.

Photo from a CNN article

     As the sole writer of Sadie's Gathering, I try to put up new posts fairly regularly, around 3 a week.
     Last Monday, I posted How Many Rapists/Rape Victims Do You Know?  That post, I had worked on for a while and hopefully understandably was a relief, when I finally finished and posted.  Later that same day, I posted a quick post to bring attention to my newest page, Why You're Probably Here.  Then on Tuesday, I jumped for joy to post a congratulatory post in honor of my favorite hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup; again.  YEAH!  I had posts that I had planned to post before week's end, concerning Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Dolezal, and even the two escaped convicts.
     Then Wednesday night, hell broke loose.  
     A 21 year old man, went to church, attended Bible study, then shot and killed 9 innocent church goers, 6 women, 3 men, 2 of which were preachers.  The victims were black.  The shooter was white. 


Where one goes to pray; commune with God; to share hope and faith; to try to bring grace to all other areas of their life.  To find peace.

Not a place for a gun.

Don't want to discuss the gun factor?

Don't want to discuss the race factor?

Fine, fine, FINE.

     Okay.  Just the same we DO need to talk about it.

     With the rate of violence happening in America's towns, how long will it be before it's our school; our church; our movie theater; our neighbor; our child?

     If I could work my will, I'd make certain that every life that is created is wanted.  By the age of 2 that life would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were wanted and cherished by their parents, (who are living their happily ever after-so in love, equals in housework, breadwinning, child caring and rearing, dream) but also cherished and nurtured by their neighbors on both sides of the street, (who are raising their own cherished offspring and living in domestic bliss as well) and everyone would love thy neighbor as they love themselves, regardless, of color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or whether they drink Coca Cola or Pepsi.  Despite the fact that both Coca Cola and Pepsi can remove rust from a car's engine.
     When these wanted, cherished, affordable children became adults overnight (their 18th birthday) they would embark upon the world, making rational, compassionate, sensical decisions at every turn.  A few, or heck a lot, so inspired by their nurturing upbringing, will solve the energy crisis; discover cures; end homelessness and hunger; while some will compose and create works of art till that fateful day when they meet the one who was made to balance and complete their life's duet.
     Then, REPEAT.
     This wonderful, omnipresent, nurturing, compassionate mindset of America, would slowly but surely spread the world over.
     Finally we would have peace on Earth, and goodwill to all of its creatures.

<Ahhh...>, if only.

     However, that's not the world, country, town, neighborhood, or even family that any of us live in.

And I humbly forthrightly state, that I don't have one, much less all of the answers.

I only ask, 

For the love of God...

When is the violence going to stop?

Yesterday, we saw Inside Out.  I now have a new Pixar favorite.

Without going into the premise of the movie, perhaps it inspires my closing thought.

     I hope that we will not shrug this sadness off.  I hope from this great sadness, many will come together.  And t
hat this sadness will inspire compassion, and through the disgust, anger and fear, some day joy may be found.


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