A Little Dab of This & A Little Dash of That

Thursday, July 30, 2015



Bob sometimes likes to play with dolls.

Bob likes to play football.  

Bob has a great imagination.

Bob is very analytical.  

Bob is very compassionate and empathetic toward others.

When it's hot or cold, Bob makes the necessary adjustments.

Bob goes to school and does very well in classes.

Bob grows up.

Bob goes to college and after intensive study finds, a position Bob wants, interviews very well, and is granted the position.

After spending time with several others, learning and sharing with Val, Theo, and Shel to name a few,

Bob falls in love with Marion. 

Their love is based on similar/different, backgrounds, upbringing, likes, beliefs, passions.

They have a child, Peyton.

They teach Peyton to go forth and behave.

Over many happy and productive years together, they die.

Peyton applies what was learned from Peyton's parents, and the circle of life goes on.

Are you good with that?  

Is there a need to know anything more?

Anything else really matter?

Bob, Marion, Peyton, Val, Theo and Shel, wish you a nice, happy day, whatever that means to you.  

They don't know you any more than you know them.

*"Bob" can be short for Roberta or Robert

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