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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Weekend Thoughts.

     This was initially entitled "Bill, Donald, and the Rules Of Being Offensive."  Both men have had new news, that left me unsure of what point I was initially hoping to drive home.

     With Bill Cosby, I want to make one thing clear.  Yes, I believe the women.  I believe he should be held accountable.  Other than through public opinion however, is yet to be seen.  There is no telling how many victims will never come forward.  
Click on the link, to read a brilliantly written piece on Mr. Cosby-> Bill Cosby Is Not A Hypocrite

On a tad of a lighter note, you have the Donald.  
     Be honest; have you too been turning on the TV to see what plum he said today?  Now you have one of his attorney's in on the act -> Michael Cohen Just click on his name, too much for me to gripe about/go into. 

Heading to another serious lack of judgement, you have Mike Huckabee's offensive statements.  Clueless.  Hope you like the rainbow effect I did in Huckabee's honor.  You see, there were too many offensive statements, so if you click on each you'll be whisked away to a post about each.  

But I think Huckabee's a little late on the angry ranting style campaign.

Think Trump claimed that first, thus that's his.

It's a little like a couple of scenes from Four Weddings and A Funeral.
First you have Hugh Grant's character's Best Man Speech, hilarious with a sweet undertone:

 Only to have his less socially apt pal try to emulate his actions at another wedding: 

His pal fails miserably, to the severe disappointment of the bride's father, and to boisterous enjoyment of one of their friends.

     Someone needs to tell Huckabee, and perhaps a few others, that the offensive, edgy, shtick has been taken.  No longer unique.  Any other candidate that tries is looks like a smacked ass.  And rude.  I'll say it again:

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Have a nice weekend.

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