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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Thinking About Joe.

     Why?  Well according to news sources, via TV, newspaper, and internet, he's thinking about running for President of the United States.

     Biden Reportedly Closer Than Ever To Running in 2016.  Which, considering he ran twice before, doesn't make much sense.  Of course, there's New York Times' Maureen Dowd's article, "Joe Biden in 2016: What Would Beau Do?"  To which if you read that article and are like me, are wondering:  HOW DID MS. DOWD FIND OUT ABOUT AN EXTREMEMLY PERSONAL CONVERSATION?  Never mind that more than half that article has more to do with bashing Hillary Clinton than about Joe  Biden's decision.  Given Ms. Dowd's history of evident dislike of Ms. Clinton, that's hardly surprising.

     I like Joe.  I honestly have not heard of anyone who does not.  Even Lindsay Graham, who may not agree on much with Joe, says that he's the nicest person he's ever met in politics. As good a man as God ever created."   
     Here's the thing though.  He's run twice before.  In 2008, and 20 years before, in 1988.  Both times that he ran, there were reasons why he did not stay in the race for the long haul.  
     I remember 1988, because that was my first presidential election to vote in.  My mom was into politics, and all its drama like whipped cream.  You bet that she encouraged me to follow suit.  I was in college, and the latest political news from February of 1987, to the election in 1988, was always a factor of our regular telephone calls.  I remember the drama of Gary Hart.  Then the drama of Joe Biden.  Jesse Jackson ran, was thought of more as a preacher than a politician.  Then the lackluster vote for Dukakis.  Vice President, George H. W. Bush won. 
     In 2008, he allegedly dropped out in January due to poor results in the Iowa caucus.
     He's had several successes over the years as a senator and as a vice president.  With his experience in foreign affairs, and his pro civil rights and equality views and efforts he would without question be a formidable candidate.
     My main cause for pause is the inevitability of what dragged him down in the past.  Nobody right now is mentioning that, at all.  Which considering that it cost him one election, and may have figured in the other, I think is curious.  While I believe it would mainly escape the rhetoric of the primary, there is no doubt in my mind that it would be prevalent in the attacks from the opposition.  Who, make no mistake, are desperate to take back the White House.  Whatever it takes.

     So, when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter what Beau would have done.  It does however, matter greatly what Joe decides to do. 

Think about it and let me know what you think.

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