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Monday, August 3, 2015

When You Tell Me You're NOT A FEMINIST; Here's What That Means

So, you're not a feminist?  And you don't like feminists?  Or you just tolerate us.

Or what we stand for?


You may be a man or a woman.  No matter.

Just in case though, you encounter one, and whether they asked if you're like minded and you replied "NO";  OR upon confirming your worst fears and they confirm that they are a feminist, and you follow with a roll of your eyes, consider;

-You do not believe that men and women are equal.

-You do not believe that men and women should be paid equally for the same work.

-You do not believe that men and women can be interested in the same things.  Perhaps you believe that men are interested in making money and women are interested in children and making things pretty.

-Women can't make that much money, anyway; they should be raising their kids.  Men can't raise kids.  After all; these kids, become tomorrow's men and women.

-Of course you're raising your daughters and sons differently.  They want different things.  They have different dreams.

-You think: Girls dream about Mr. Right.  Boys dream about Ms. Wrong.

-You think it's the man's job to support his family financially.  Despite the fact that there are more than 325 million people in the US, with roughly 205 million falling between the ages of 15-65(working age) and half are men, so estimate 102.5 million men of working age.  Average cost of kid now from birth to 18 is $245, 000.  No college figured in that.  Say average number of kids in family is 2.  That's $490,000.  So, you think, not bad or too difficult.  If each of these men is in a family and the sole provider for it, that ends up being, or what he needs to bring home after taxes, is $27,222.22 per year.  If Dad wants to feed himself and Mom, it's going to need to be more.  That does not figure in college, 401k, or any type of retirement, much less, money to buy house, car, vacations, etc... DO THE MATH.  Non-feminist women don't you dare!  I know you don't like math or science.  Go straighten up something.
psst men (the ones who do math or whatever...)  with a minimum wage of  $10/hr x 40 hrs/wk x 52= $20,800 before taxes.  That means that it's possible that there is a dad of 2 out there working a minimum wage job making close to $10,000 per year, LESS THAN THE MINIMUM NEEDED TO RAISE 2 KIDS.  But what do you care?  Doesn't affect you.  Perhaps you're single.  You make way more than that.  Everybody you know makes way more than that.  You live in one of those mythical communities, where every teacher, grocery clerk, post man, movie theater usher, gas station attendant and the happy 40 year old fast food worker, makes way more than that.  Everything is peachy for everyone.

-If you're a single non feminist man, you may want to skip the rest.  It's about women and sex.  To which if you don't know by now, a combination of those could result in a baby.  Which could end your dreams.  Best stick to your corner in the bathroom.  Or if you see yourself as a dad, (a man that has sex) you may have to witness your baby's mother's breasts for something other than your pleasure.  So distressing.  Blame it on those feminist doctors, (some who are men) who have come to the conclusion that breast milk has a lot of health benefits for the baby (next generation).

-If you're a single non feminist woman, what the hell?  You better hurry up and find him.

-You think: Women do not and should not enjoy sex.  Well there are some.  But they're those women (us feminists).  Heaven help you if you're one of them.  Relax, even though you enjoy sex, that does not mean you're a feminist.  The thought, that your body is for your pleasure and dreams; GASP!

-Since non feminist women don't like sex, (well most) non feminist couples do not have that much sex.  So what's the fuss about birth control?  Who needs it?  If women don't like sex, and couples only have it only on special days, that explains the 2 kids per family.

-Once couples, I mean women, have kids- you've heard breastfeeding is best, so you stay inside for the entire 1-2 years of the baby's first year of life, because you refuse to possibly expose your breasts to the wanton public.  The only time a non feminist woman goes out of the house during the first 2 years of her baby's life are, (once husband/supporter of family/dad is home), for mad dashes to the grocery store to get the makings for the 3 square meals/day for the week.  Not sure how you manage to get to the store.  Don't think it's proper for non feminist women to drive.  Thank goodness you don't work.

-You think it's a pity what happens to some women on the other side of the world.  But really, that doesn't affect you.

-You think there's no need for Planned Parenthood, because everyone has a doctor hiding somewhere, that screens for cancer, and does the annual checkups.

-Since women do not enjoy sex, so girls don't, and thus you see no need to tell them anything about their bodies.  Much less boys bodies.  Nor do you tell your sons anything about that.  That's the dad's department.  Non-feminist Dad, did you know that?  Of course you do.  If girls spend time with boys, they should know that boys will be boys.  And they could end up getting pregnant.  And called names.  And that boy's boy has plans for his future, so your daughter can't bother him about it.  And the little tramp down the street can't ruin your son's dreams.  That's that.

-Think I'm being silly.  Your daughter's not like that.  She's a good girl.  She knows what boys are like.  She's going to college.  She's so pretty.  She's going to find the perfect boy, and just imagine the grandkids!  Your son, you're so proud.  He knows what it means to be a gentleman.  And he's right on track for what he's meant for.

- That's it.  Can't do it anymore.  I can't imagine what it's like for you.

I AM A FEMINIST.  We do things, and think of the world differently.

Some of these may seem a tad over the top.  God I hope so.  Well, some of the things you think about feminists are ridiculous as well.

Get your head out of your ass and join the ranks.

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