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Friday, August 7, 2015

It's Friday Again...

Well it's Friday again, and what a week!

     Did you tune into the GOP Debate last night?  Thought the contestants were pretty predictable.  Although I will not be voting for any of them, I will say I found Governor Kasich, Senator Paul and Dr. Carson to be the more palatable of the bunch.  Although Dr. Carson needs to understand, as do many of the others, that race is still a major issue for many and a simple, "that's not right," or "that's not how we work here"; is not going to even begin to take care of it.  As for training in police academies; how do you train a life long racist not to be racist?  Something to think about.
     While thanks largely to Megyn Kelly for discussing anything to do with women, pay equality, I think got entirely left out.  Hardly a  surprise that all the men are pro-life.  Anyone know who won the What I've done to defund Planned Parenthood contest?  I just wish these candidates would realize that "women issues" don't just affect women; they are issues that affect everyone and are issues that are keeping this country from reaching its potential.  Till all citizens are viewed equally there is no way for us to be the powerhouse that we could be.  Oh and Mr. Trump, your disparaging comments towards women are not offensive because they're not "politically correct"; they're offensive because they're misogynistic.  
      I admittedly don't know, but perhaps the reason that the military has gone down, is that not as many people are signing up.  Perhaps word's gotten round about how veterans are treated.  Seems to me, that somebody better tell Huckabee that if someone wants to fight for him and help keep him safe and free; the only thing he should comment on is to say, "Thank you." 
     Finally, I really would have liked it if someone would have asked Senator Cruz, how he thinks his latest ad, Machine Gun Bacon, addresses the recent gun violence in Charleston and Lafayette? How daft and insensitive can one be?

Moving on.

     Did you catch Jon Stewart's last DAILY SHOW?  I along with many, will miss seeing and hearing his point of view.  I completely understand his desire to spend more time with his family.  I just wish he would have waited till after next November.  Hoping that maybe he'll have a couple of specials, in honor of the campaigns.  Maybe host an episode of Saturday Night Live? OH PLEASE! OH PLEASE! OH PLEASE!  NUDGE NUDGE MR. LORNE MICHAELS.

     The last bit I'm going to comment on is something that's been gnawing at me.

     There are many out there that are probably thinking, "why is she still harping on this?"

So be it.

     I still cannot shake my curiosity as to the source for Maureen Dowd's "What Would Beau Do?"  I started this line of thought in, "Thinking About Joe."

No matter what you think about Hillary Clinton, is not the point.

Neither is the point, of whether VP Biden is actually going to run for president.

     What is the point is:  WHERE DID MS. DOWD'S PERSONAL ACCOUNT COME FROM?  I don't read a lot of Ms. Dowd's work; I know her work is usually based on her opinion, but is this article to be construed as fact?


     The only article I saw even broaching the point was neoconservative commentator William Kristol's "Who Was Maureen Dowd's Source?"

I am baffled.

It boils down to this:

     Either Ms. Dowd has made it up and failed to note that her account is fictional/hypothetical/her hopes; to which I think there would/should be major consequences.  There are ethics in journalism.  


     Everything is factual.  To which, the fact that if I have to explain the "ick factor" about, gives me reason to believe that I am on the wrong planet.  

     It's not my intention to be callous and unsympathetic to the Vice President and his family.  The loss of a child is the dread of every parent I know including myself.  It's not the way it's supposed to happen.  We are supposed to die before our kids.  Hopefully after we become great grandparents ideally.  I know of several who've had to try and make sense and peace after such a tragedy.  

     Nevertheless, it has bothered me to such a point, that I can't shake.

     If Ms. Dowd's account is factual and verbatim from conversations that happened between the Bidens; what on Earth was the motivation for sharing such an intimate conversation with a national reporter and giving permission to put on the national stage for everyone's/anyone's interpretation? 

     To put it non too subtly; the only motivation I can imagine is capitalizing on a man's thoughts and wishes.

     The fact that the man is the deceased son, of the man who could benefit from the presumed compassion, sympathy, humanity, rendered from reading this article, would be opportunistic to say the least.  Personally I've always held a higher opinion of Joe Biden, than of a man who would succumb to parading his grief for benefit.

     Perhaps the Vice President nor any of his family have even read Ms. Dowd's article.  No need to tell me that they're busy and have more important things to deal with.  Could that notion be what Ms. Dowd was banking on?

     It's just odd to me that more has not been discussed about this matter. 

     I felt a bit like a puppet after reading Ms. Dowd's article.  I would just like to know: who's the one, pulling the strings?  

Have a good weekend.

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